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30 Staple Products For Your Wardrobe That Reviewers Say Actually Last For Years

You'll have these amazing clothes, shoes, and accessories in your closet for a long, long time.

Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

1. A high-waisted pleated skirt you can wear casually with a graphic tee and jean jacket or dress up with a nice shirt and heels.

2. A pair of gold hoop earrings you really can't go wrong with, because they'll be a simple yet elegant addition to any outfit.

Model wearing the gold hoop earrings

3. A quilted bomber jacket for those in-between weather days when it's "not too hot, not too cold, and all you need is a light jacket". Those ~perfect dates~ actually happen more often than April 25, and when they come around, you'll be thankful to have this bomber to pull out of your closet.

Reviewer wears dark green bomber jacket with distressed black jeans

4. A pair of black skinny jeans — I just have to say I'm sorry Gen Z, but skinny jeans will never truly go out of style. This pair is stylish, über comfortable, and made to stand the test of time.

5. A waffle-knit top designed with a tie-front detailing that give this simple top a *pause for shoulder shimmy* little somethin' extra. Plus, with more than 21,000 5-star ratings, you know this top lives up to the hype. Get ready to wear it at least once a week.

6. Chelsea boots you can keep in your closet and grab them whenever you're not quite sure what to wear, but need a sturdy pair of shoes that will look good.

Model wearing the boots in black with a wide elastic section on each side and a slight heel

7. A Hanes pullover sweatshirt that has reviewers R-A-V-I-N-G about how comfortable it is. And the sold color options mean it'll be just as great to wear lounging at home as when you actually leave the house.

8. Everlane flats designed to mold to your feet the more you wear them so eventually it will basically feel like you're not wearing any shoes at all.

Model wearing the flats in purple showing off the rounded toe

9. An asymmetrical T-shirt dress actually made with a Peruvian-cotton blend fabric that makes it pilling resistant — a feature that really takes this style the extra mile and turns it into an instant closet classic.

model wearing the dress in green

10. Some paper bag-waisted pants professional enough to wear in an office setting, but also cute enough you may want to wear them when you meet your friends for lunch. And with 35 color options, go ahead and add a couple to your cart now. You can thank me later.

11. A long-line coat bound to be your go-to coat for when you want to look nice but also stay warm. It's a delicate balance in the winter that this coat masters.

Reviewer wearing the coat in tan

12. Doc Marten combat boots so reliable, you can wear them through rain, sleet, and even snow without compromising your style.

Reviewer wearing the lace-up boots with yellow stitching around the sole

13. A pleated midi skirt with, dare I say, one of the best and most important features ever — yep, you guessed it — POCKETS.

14. Spanx faux leather leggings with thousands of five-star reviews because they really are THAT comfortable and worth it. You might end up wearing these at least once a week, even if you never leave your house.

Model wearing the full-length leggings with a leather-look to them

15. Ray-Ban round sunglasses worth the investment because the round style looks great on so many face shapes. Just be careful because your friends (or S.O. might try and steal these from you).

round grey sunglasses with gold frame

16. A turtleneck bodycon dress that you can throw on in the morning when you've overslept and want to look so put together people, will think you actually put in a little effort (joke's on them!).

17. A V-neck pocket T-shirt I'm pretty sure would be named "Most likely to succeed" in the superlatives of your closet, because it will get worn more than any other piece of clothing. You can wear it with jeans or shorts, meaning this is a year-round top, baby.

18. Ugg boots quite possibly the most comfortable shoes you can put on your feet. They're basically slippers that are socially acceptable to wear out in public. And when the temperature hits "OMG It's SO cold" out, these shoes with be your bffs.

model wearing the chestnut suede boots

19. A thick down jacket ideal for anyone who wants a jacket not afraid to pull out all the stops. It has six *huge* pockets, a sherpa-lined hood, and a longer length. Plus, it's windproof, so every snowstorm doesn't stand a chance against you and this coat.

20. Lululemon Wunder Under leggings combining comfort and support into one great pair reviewers say works for workouts and beyond.

model wearing the leggings in red

21. A long-sleeve T-shirt dress here to be the perfect base layer for all your favorite jackets and accessories. You'll find so many ways to style this dress, it will be well-worth the price per wear.

reviewer wearing the black dress as part of three outfits: under a blazer, with a long scarf, and with an infinity scarf

22. Sam Edelman loafers you'll want to ~slide~ right on your feet no matter whether you're wearing dress pants, jeans, or even a dress.

23. A Barefoot Dreams circle cardigan that's essentially a super chic way to wear a blanket out in public. Trust me. This may be the softest and most comfortable sweat you put on your boday. So yeah, you're not getting rid of it anytime soon.

model wearing the taupe circle cardigan

24. A pair of pull-on pants formulated to look like super fancy dress pants but have the same comfort level as your favorite leggings. And that, my friends, is how you win at life.

25. A double-breasted peacoat made of 60% wool, so this coat ~wool~ keep you warm, even in the blistering cold. Plus, it comes with a scarf, which reviewers say is a great little extra surprise!

26. A pair of Reebok classic shoes one reviewer says stays comfortable, even while standing for eight hours a day. And the all-white color means they'll be a versatile addition to your closet.

the white sneakers

27. A pair of tapered-leg pants for a business casual staple you can wear with sneakers, heels, or even loafers. Plus, these are designed with an added 2.25 inches in the hem allowance, so they can be tailored to fit you perfectly.

model wearing the ankle-length pants in red

28. Sorel wedge booties that just may be one of the most comfortable heels you ever wear. Plus, they'll protect you from any bad weather while also keeping you stylish.

Reviewer wearing the wedge boots with wavy black sole with wide elastic section on either side

29. A water-resistant packable puffer coat perfect to take on any vacation where the temperature is going to flucuate. But you're going to like this coat so much, you'll wear it after you get back, as well.

30. A leather tote big enough to fit everything you need to carry around all day without weighing down your shoulder.

Model with the leather tote bag in black over their shoulder

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.