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    29 Kitchen Gadgets That Chefs Actually Use

    Personal and professional chefs say these gadgets are *chef's kiss* great.

    1. A peeler made specifically with a swiveling double blade to make peeling tough-skinned fruits and veggies so easy you won't have to give up on the recipe, or worse, hurt yourself while trying to do it with a knife.

    2. A cast-iron skillet enabling you to whip up a delicious dinner of anything from pasta, to steak, to even roasted veggies that will impress just about anyone. It's designed to heat up quickly and retain the heat, meaning if anyone goes back for seconds, the food will still be just as good as when you served it the first time.

    Penne with meat crumbles, tomato, basil, and cheese in a black cast-iron skillet

    3. And a silicone skillet handle so you can easily grab the handle of said cast-iron pan without fear that you'll burn yourself, dropping your precious food in the process. Now that would be a tragedy.

    The black silicon cover on the handle of a cast-iron skillet

    4. A Misen essentials knife set, which includes a chef's knife, serrated knife, and paring knife, aka the three knives you'll reach for again and again while prepping for dinner.

    three different sized knives on a cutting board with blue handles

    5. Some Maldon sea salt flakes because one should never ~flake~ on flavor when it comes to cooking, and every chef knows that. This specific salt will add a delicious flavor (and crunch) to your food.

    6. A vacuum sealer that won't ~suck~ the life out of your food. Instead, it will keep meat, produce, and even prepared food fresher longer so you can actually enjoy all the food you buy and make without it going bad.

    7. A pair of cut-resistant gloves to prevent any future flesh wounds when you get a little too knife happy.

    Model's hands with the marbled grey gloves on cutting a large chunk of raw meat

    8. A 5-in-1 countertop cooker perfect for preparing burgers, salmon, and even grilled veggies without an outdoor grill. Plus, you can use it as a panini press to craft the perfect grilled sandwich. Yummm, I'm getting hungry just thinking about all the delicious food you're going to make with this thing. Yes, this means you can even have a barbecue in the middle of winter. And how cool is that?

    Gray and black 5-in-1 countertop cooker with fresh orange pepper slices, broccoli florets, and a slab of salmon

    9. A kitchen scale so you can stop guesstimating every recipe and wondering why it doesn't turn out exactly right. Measuring your ingredients will make sure that the ratios are absolutely correct.

    reviewer image of a cup of flour placed on a gray kitchen scale reading "8.4"

    10. A citrus zester and cheese grater you'll have a ~grate~ time using because it will give the perfect final touch to your dish — no matter if that's some Parmesan cheese or lemon zest (or maybe a bit of both, depending on the recipe).

    11. A veggie chopper, slicer, and spiralizer because in my opinion, cutting veggies for the recipe is, in fact, the worst part, and this device makes that SO easy. Now you won't have to blame your tears on the onion, when in fact you're really not enjoying cutting another pepper...oh wait, that's just me.

    12. An anti-fatigue kitchen mat made to relieve pain in feet, knees, backs, and shoulders so standing in the kitchen for hours at a time won't end up hurting your body.

    13. An electric peeler here to revolutionize the way you make your famous mashed potatoes or apple pie because you won't have to spend an ungodly amount of time hand peeling every single one.

    14. A pair of herb scissors built to save you ~thyme~ and energy when prepping herbs for your recipe. The scissors are specifically made with five blades to ensure that the herbs aren't in too big of chunks.

    Reviewer pic of the scissors with a green handle to cut up fresh herbs on a cutting board

    15. A set of stainless-steel mixing bowls that will make prepping your ingredients and cooking so simple, because you'll have a place to put all the different ingredients you need for the recipe. Plus, the biggest bowl is the perfect size to hold popcorn during your next movie night. We love the versatility.

    Six stainless steel bowls in different sizes on a counter with different food in each one

    16. An AeroGarden because you'll truly feel like a chef when you add herbs (or even veggies) that you grew in your own home to your meals. Yes, that's right, you don't even need an outdoor space to have a garden thanks to this ingenious device.

    Reviewer pic of the black Aerogarden on a counter with lettuce leaves growing in it and their hand on one of the leaves, showing how big it's growing

    17. A pack of nonstick silicone baking mats that fit perfectly into a baking sheet so you don't have to grease the sheet before cooking ever again. Plus, you'll love them even more when it's time to do the dishes, and you don't have burnt on food stuck to the sheet.

    18. An electric Aroma Housewares 3-in-1 Superpot grill you can use for slow cooking, steaming, and simmering, oh my!

    reviewer pic of the white and black pot with assorted veggies, potatoes, and meat inside on a table

    19. A digital meat thermometer made with a backlit display to easily show you what temperature your meat is so you know if it's done or not. No need to cut through chicken five or more times making sure that it's not pink at all, as I usually do!

    20. A fermentation lid set specifically designed to fit a variety of jars and let gas escape while keeping mold and bacteria out, so you can make your own pickles, pickled vegetables, or even kimchi at home easily. Your Bloody Mary game is about to be a 10/10 when you add all your homemade toppings.

    21. An acrylic block and set of black knives that are not only super functional but stylish too. You'll be chopping and cutting like the pros, you may even think that you're competing in an episode of Chopped!

    22. A burger press to take your burger game to the next level. That's right. Now you can put cheese (and other ingredients) inside your burgers instead of on top. Talk about a game-changer. 😱

    The black burger press top and bottom next to a cutting board with a burger cut in half, stacked on top of each other, to show how it's stuffed with cheese

    23. A Cuisinart stainless-steel cookware set because it's time to retire your mish-mosh of pots and pans that have def seen better days. You'll cook better when you have a professional-level cooking set, especially if it doesn't come with a professional-level price tag.

    24. Adjustable clip-on stands made to hold bags upright so you can easily pour in leftovers instead of trying to do it yourself and having half of the food end up on the floor. We've all experienced that heartbreak, haven't we?

    Five bags being held up by the clips to be filled with food

    25. A classic Dutch oven specifically designed to hold family-sized meals so you can ~whip~ up something delicious everyone will enough while only getting one pan dirty (which is a score for cleanup!). It may seem like a fairly basic pot, but this Dutch oven can be used to boil on the stove, as a casserole dish in the oven, and even as a deep fryer. Talk about one product that can basically do it all!

    white dutch oven with gold handle on the top

    26. A sushi-making kit you'll be ~soy~ happy to use because it will make creating your own sushi rolls at home a breeze, even if you've never tried it before. Watch out, Taco Tuesday might have some competition from Sushi Sunday as favorite meal of the week. You've been warned.

    27. A hand immersion blender to make your cooking smooth, real smooth, no matter if you're making a smoothie, sauce, or soup.

    Reviewer pic using the silver hand blender in a pot of soup on the stove

    28. An extra-large bamboo cutting board designed with a groove around the outside to catch any juice before it makes its way to the counter, thus making your kitchen even more of a hassle to clean.

    The wood cutting board on a table while a model cuts tomatoes on it

    29. And a Bluetooth Anova sous vide that will basically be the ~sous~ chef you didn't know that you needed. Attach this to any pot, put the food in, and then it will cook it to perfection using the built-in controls in the app. The future is now.

    I mean, if you can't have Remy there to help you cook, these tools are the second-best option!

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