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    You Can Score An Extra 40% Off The Kate Spade Sale Section Right Now

    That means handbags, accessories, and clothes are more than 60% off.

    Right now, Kate Spade is offering an extra 40% off their sale section. *cue internal screams*

    From now through 5/26, all you have to do is enter the code SUNNYDAYS at checkout to get an even bigger discount on handbags, wallets, clothes, accessories, and more.

    To celebrate, we rounded up of a few of our favorites included in the sale:

    1. A small double heart rhinestone pendant necklace dainty enough to wear every day without overpowering your outfit.

    2. A floral silicone watch you better ~watch~ out when you wear because everyone will be complimenting you and asking you where you got it from.

    Closeup of watch with green face with purple and green flower pattern and the same color and pattern on the band

    3. A small convertible bag that has a gold chain strap you can wear long as a crossbody or doubled up as a shoulder bag.

    4. A sequin sunnies sweater made of a lightweight knit cotton, which is perfect to wear in the summer months when it gets a little chilly at night.

    5. A mini convertible backpack that's small but mighty and will be able to keep everything you need safe while also not weighing down just one shoulder.

    Model wearing the black small backpack on her back

    6. A straw camera-shaped cross-body bag that's the perfect addition to any outfit because it will complete the ~picture~.

    Model wearing the bag, crossbody-style

    7. A heart-print diamond-shaped scarf you'll ~love~ to tie around your ponytail, neck, or even your purse for an added touch of ~heart~.

    8. A scalloped pave hinged rhinestone bangle because everyone deserves a touch of glitz and glam they can add onto an outfit in a moment's notice.

    9. A small domed cosmetics case you'll ~glitter-ally~ love so much because it's such a fun place to store your makeup.

    Closeup of gold glitter dome cosmetic case

    10. A medium shoulder bag that's basically the Goldilocks of of purses because it's not too small and not too big.

    Model wearing the flap-front bag with heart and spade clasp detailing on the front middle over their shoulder

    11. A night owl scarf made out of a lightweight twill fabric you can add to a simple t-shirt to elevate it.

    Model holding a handbag with the navy scarf with pink stripes and small blue and pink owl design tied around the handle

    12. A medium cross-body bag that'll be the perfect ~pop~ of color to any outfit, even if it's just leggings and a t-shirt.

    Closeup of the bag as a crossbody bag over model's shoulder

    13. A medium convertible shoulder bag made with a pebbled leather that's designed to get better with age so you can achieve that perfect worn-in look for a long time.

    Model holding the slouchy-style shoulder bag in their hand

    14. And a crewneck lips sweatshirt so cute, I might as well ~kiss~ all of my other sweatshirts goodbye, because none of them will compare to this beauty ever.

    Model wearing grey sweatshirt with puff sleeves and different shades of pink lips around the bodice

    Check out the rest of the sale here.

    And don't forget to use the code SUNNYDAYS at checkout for the extra 40% off.

    Me when my mom asks if I've already put that lips sweatshirt in my cart:

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