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    40 Gorgeous Pieces Of Clothing And Accessories To Make You Feel Like A Kid Playing Dress Up

    Fashion can still be as fun as it was when you were five.

    1. A two-pack of headbands embellished with some beautiful beaded flowers for a statement-making accessory you can add to any simple outfit to make it truly wowworthy.

    2. A pair of high-waisted sequin bell bottoms — aka your "party pants". And just to be clear, you don't have to wear these to a party. You can really wear them for any occasion. Yes, even just a trip to the grocery store, because sometimes you want to look and feel fabulous while selecting the perfect avocados for the week.

    3. A pair of gummy bear huggies in a candy-coated pastel color for a ~sweet~ detail I'm pretty sure will make you smile every time you wear them.

    three pairs of gummy bear huggies earrings in blue/pink, pink/white, and light pink/dark pink with crystals on the hoops

    4. An asymmetrical rhinestone tassel fringe dress giving me big Kacey Musgraves vibes. And now, don't quote me on this, but I'm *pretty* sure this dress is what she's referring to when she sings, "You gave me butterflies."

    model wearing the pink satin dress with rhinestone fringe on the side of the left leg

    5. A plush shoulder bag combining a fun floral pattern with a fuzzy material you'll love carrying around with you. Don't be surprised if random people stop you on the street to compliment your purse.

    6. An "I'm a luxury" sweater made famous by the one-and-only style icon Princess Diana. And I can't be the only one who's wanted to emulate her style since I was a little girl, so this sweater is the perfect tribute to the forever royal.

    pink sweater with white strip in the middle with the words "I'm a luxury" in blue written on it

    7. A 20-piece set of hair barrettes reminiscent of the clips you had to wear when you were younger when you were growing out your bangs, and they were at the super awkward length, but these are like 100 times more gorgeous. Plus, since the set comes with so many different options, you can mix-and-match different styles depending on the day, which is it's own kind of dress up!

    8. A tulle ruffle-shoulder bodysuit that will make you feel like a GD star when you wear it. Watch out, the paparazzi may be looking for you when you rock this frock.

    9. A houndstooth coat all of your friends will be ~hounding~ you to tell them where you got it from. And we don't gatekeep when it comes to stellar outwear, now do we?

    model wearing the long black and white houndstooth peacoat

    10. A pair of Birdies slides you'll ~pick~ out to wear every chance you can, because not only are they gorgeous, but they're made to be as comfortable as your favorite pair of slippers.

    hand holding the purple slides with pink and black cherry blossoms on them

    11. A tulle skirt you'll ~tulle-ly~ love to wear, because you'll feel like a superstar strutting down the street. (You might even throw in a twirl or two, because why not??)

    12. Plaid trousers meant to be oversized, which will elicit those same feelings you had when you would sneak into your parents' closet and try on their clothes as a child.

    model wearing the trousers in teal and white plaid

    13. An embellished padded headband for a royal look you may ~lose your head~ over.

    14. A wrap blouse featuring voluminous sleeves that can be worn off the shoulder that just may become your favorite top you've ever owned (very strong phrase, I know). But when you have a semi-formal occasion coming up and are struggling with what to wear, this top will always be the right answer.

    15. A puff-sleeve wrap dress basically designed to look so so cute with a pair of chunky loafers and white socks — bonus points if the socks have ruffles on them for the most grown-up version of grade-school chic.

    model wearing the puff-sleeve wrap dress with green and white quilt-like pattern and small green flowers all over it

    16. A faux-fur purse that may just make you feel like you're carrying around your favorite pillow pet, but in the most sophisticated way possible. Plus, the two handles can be carried like a tote, or with one handle pulled through the other, as the picture below shows.

    17. A peplum blazer and matching cigarette pants, or in other words, the outfit you're going to wear when you head to court to prove to your law professor that you are ~serious~ about your career and can wear pink while you solve the mystery of who shot your client's husband.

    model wearing the blazer and matching paints in satin hot pink

    18. An off-the-shoulder tiered midi dress reviewers have worn to weddings, anniversary dinners, and even photoshoots because a dress this beautiful should not stay hidden in your closet.

    reviewer wearing the white midi dress

    19. Some furry mules — now that you're an adult, you have adult money, which means you can buy shoes that would make your younger self oh-so-happy, and these shoes are def part of that. I didn't spend part of my childhood sneaking into my mom's closet to try on her "fancy" heels to not own my own one day.

    model wearing the pink heeled mules with a texture to them

    20. And a pair of ruffle stripe socks I'm just saying would look AH-mazing with the heels above or with any other shoes you already have in your closet. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    the pink, blue, and peach vertical stripe socks with ruffle on the top hem

    21. An LBD designed with sheer puff-sleeves and pearl accents because just like a pearl, you don't need to stay hidden in your oyster. You deserve to be out in the world, showing everyone just how beautiful and confident you are.

    reviewer wearing black midi bodycon dress with heels

    22. A detachable collar ingeniously made to solve the ultimate dress-up dilemma — wanting to wear as many layers as possible without fear that you'll end up a sweaty mess in a matter of minutes. Listen, our grandparents and parents have been using this trick for decades, so it's time that we accept that it really is the best way to pull off this layered look.

    23. A striped rainbow midi dress I can totally see Allie from The Notebook wearing, and I know that your love affair with that movie ~wasn't over~ and ~still isn't over~, so this beauty deserves a spot in your dress-up bin (aka your closet, duhh!).

    Model laying in the grass while wearing the midi dress

    24. An oversized faux shearling moto jacket you'll be ~over~-joyed to have this winter (and every winter going forward), because it will keep you warm *and* stylish.

    25. A satin scarf about to become one of the most versatile items you own. Wear it as a headband, necktie, or even as a stylish top. The possibilities are endless (just like they were during your dress-up playdates).

    26. A mock neck hearts sweater, which is like a grown-up version of a craft project you most definitely created as a child. Wear this with your favorite pair of black pants or if you're feeling really ~wild~, with a printed skirt because that's so what your inner child would want.

    model wearing the teal mock neck sweater with red hearts and pink puff balls all over it

    27. A lace-up tulle top with the power to give that main-character energy inside you a boost. I mean, what's stopping you from living your best life, especially when you own this head-turning top?

    28. Keds x Kate Spade gingham sneakers capable of making you *swoon* because these combine the classic style of shoe you've known and loved since you were little with a very grown-up pattern you can rock this fall.

    the purple and blue plaid sneakers with brown leather trim and white platform sole

    29. A three-piece pajama set *technically* made for you to wear to bed, but with a style this luxurious and amazing, you can totally wear this beyond the bedroom. The set comes with a cami, pants, and robe, which means the pieces can be worn together or separately, making this purchase a very smart one.

    30. A pearl chain eyewear strap radiating modern-day Breakfast at Tiffany vibes. Wear these with an all-black ensemble, as one BuzzFeed editor did below, and you'll have yourself a Parisian-chic look, even if you're nowhere near Paris.

    31. High-waisted palazzo pants that come in a variety of colors, so you might want to grab a few because once you put these on, you're going to want to have more colorful options to add to your wardrobe.

    Reviewer wearing lilac pants

    32. A giant cow-print scrunchie because once you discover that #scrunchielife = the best life, you know you're on to something. This style is just the right amount of extra. Wear it in your hair or even on your wrist.

    33. A magic mushroom sweater I haven't stopped thinking about since I first laid eyes on it, and I'm pretty sure the same thing will happen to you. This whimsical style is a need, not a want.

    model wearing the blue and green sweater with red and white mushroom on it

    34. A pair of popping champagne earrings because you deserve to celebrate life every single day, and what better way than with a pair of earrings as great as these ones!?!

    dangle earrings that look like a bottle of champagne with gems and a cork coming out of it

    35. A floral appliqué skirt that will give you a Cinderella moment when you step out in it. Don't be surprised if you hear people around you whispering, "OMG, who is that?"

    model wearing tulle skirt in pink

    36. A pair of Rifle Paper Co. rainboots bound to give you the same feelings that jumping into a puddle did as a child. Yes, you know that feeling I'm talking about. That unmatched pure joy.

    the colorful floral-print rainboots

    37. A colorblock tiered maxi dress here to help you stand out in the world. You are not meant to sit on the sidelines of life, and your fashion choices should reflect that.

    model wearing the maxi dress in orange, yellow, pink, blue, and dark navy with purff-sleeves

    38. A pair of cow-print pants one reviewer confirmed will help you achieve your goal of getting middle-schoolers to look at your outfit and think you dress cool. And that's an accomplishment in life.

    39. A loop-through faux fur stole radiating bad and bougie vibes and perfect for anyone who takes their style game seriously.

    Reviewer wearing the faux fur collar scarf in dark blue

    40. And a rainbow puff-sleeve dress because ~oh what a world~ do we live in that a dress like this actually exists. I'm pretty sure this gorgeous number is proof that's there's as much magic in getting dressed today as there was digging through your dress-up bins as a child. Never let that go of that wonder.

    model wearing the rainbow iridescent puff-sleeve midi dress

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.