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    28 Practical Gifts The Person Who's Trying To Be A Good Adult

    🎵I'm not a child, not yet an adult 🎵

    1. An Instant Pot to make cooking so easy and enjoyable that they'll probably stop making mac 'n' cheese three times a week.

    2. A ceramic planter with an encouraging message so they can start taking responsibility for something, even if that something is a teeny plant.

    3. A set of stemless wineglasses that are seriously shatterproof — because accidents happen even if they're above the age when it's acceptable to yell "FRESHMAN!" whenever someone drops a drink.

    4. A stainless steel tea kettle because winding down with a cup of tea at night is a very grown-up thing to do.

    5. A woven basket to stash extra blankets, pillows, or other miscellaneous things they have that they want to keep out of the prying eyes of guests.

    6. A kitchen towel with a truly inspirational message they'll appreciate (and maybe sing along to) as they cook.

    7. A lemon squeezer that makes adding lemon juice to everything from a Bloody Mary to a salad 10 times easier — it's a small tool that makes a big difference.

    8. A desk duster to will make cleaning no prob-llama and (maybe?) actually enjoyable.

    9. A six-port multi-USB charger so they can charge all their devices (phone, iPad, wireless headphones, etc.) at the same time and never be left with a dead device.

    10. A salt-and-pepper shaker set that'll make their meals truly dino-mite.

    11. A coffee mug, because well, you know, coffee is important and essential, and they haven't approved coffee IVs yet.

    12. A 10-piece ceramic cookware set to help them become the Top Chef they never knew they wanted to be.

    13. A set of dryer balls that'll make doing laundry suc a lot less.

    14. A throw pillow with an attitude they should adopt in their own lives.

    15. A CouchCaster for the person who hasn't quite come to the realization that the couch arm isn't a steady surface and drinks shouldn't be placed there unless they want them to spill.

    16. A magnetic sleepy animal key hook so clever you've got to be kitten me.

    17. A mermaid tail blanket that's at least 10 times better than a regular blanket, especially for the person who hasn't given up on their dreams of becoming a mermaid and escaping the adult world forever.

    18. A doormat with a helpful reminder, because there's nothing like the panic of realizing you may not have turned off your hot tools when you're hours away from returning home.

    19. A set of measuring spoons with an attached egg separator they'll think is a thoughtful gift you cherry-picked just for them.

    20. A bar cart they'll be wheely excited about opening and using during their very ~adult~ get-togethers.

    21. An electric bottle opener that uncorks bottles in seconds, no struggling required ('cause that just makes you look like a newb).

    22. A tote bag they can fill with all their stuff once they realize how "fun" adulthood really is.

    23. An 18-piece glassware set so they can replace the mishmash collection they've accumulated from bars throughout college.

    24. A set of measuring-cup conversion stickers because cooking shouldn't be a test and this is so much easier than turning to Google or calling mom and asking, "How many ounces are in a cup?"

    25. A night-light lamp they can put in the bathroom because you're never too old to use a night light, especially if you don't want to turn on the light when you have to go to the bathroom in the wee hours.

    26. A tool that splits, pits, and slices all the avocados they're buying instead of a house.

    27. A Dyson V7 cordless vacuum because you're not truly an adult until you ask for a vacuum for Christmas and are excited about it.

    28. And a book that confirms that even if they don't have their life together yet, it doesn't mean they're any less of an adult. We're all out here struggling to figure this ish out.

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