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    35 Things That Frequent Travelers Use While Traveling (So Maybe You Should, Too)

    You can take their word on these products because they're using them all the time.

    1. A collapsible water bottle that'll take up wayyy less space in your bag pre-security, but also help you avoid paying approximately $20 for one water bottle *and* help you stay hydrated = all very important things.

    (left) hands holding the water bottle in white, showing what it looks like at full size (right) the same hands now showing the water bottle all rolled up, taking up about a 1/3 of the size

    2. A clear toiletries case made to be the same size as a quart-sized plastic bag so you have a much chicer (and nicer) way to store your liquids in your carry-on bag. Plus, you can quickly check and make sure you packed your mascara. 

    makeup inside grey case

    BTW — Truffle is a women-owned small business that specializes in bags and accessories that are TSA-approved or stadium-approved. 

    Promising review: "I travel for work quite a bit and love to add this to my travel uniform. It’s hard being away from the comforts of home, but when the things you travel with are of the best quality and offer practicality, it can feel special. If you like quality, don’t hesitate! No more plastic bags for me! ;)" —SOFÍA J.

    Get it from Truffle for $88+ (available in nine colors). 

    3. Or a similar TSA-approved version to easily stash your liquids and be ready when you go through security (and not hold up the line because everyone hates that).

    hand holding the clear square bag with blue trim filled with toiletries

    4. And a hanging toiletry bag to store the rest of the products you don't need to carry on the plane with you. Reviewers say this amazingly fits alll the skincare, makeup, *and* haircare products they need in one compact bag. 

    reviewer image with all the contents spread out on the bed that they were able to fit in the bag
    the bag closed up and propped up on bed

    Promising review: "I travel a lot for work and personal reasons. I like to have my makeup/shower/hair case ready to go, rather than packing each time. This case is wonderful. It is big enough to store all of my goods. I had something similar in size before, but it did not have the hanger, so it was difficult to use in small hotel bathrooms. Problem solved! I also love the color. If you don't travel much or if you travel lightly with a small suitcase/bag, this may not be for you because of its size. If you want to carry all your stuff in one place, this is the way to go." —MarMor

    Get it from Amazon for $26.99+ (available in three colors).

    5. Some Lysol disinfecting wipes to wipe down your seat, the tray, and anywhere else you touch while on the flight.

    the packet of wipes

    6. A reversible packable puffer jacket designed to fold up small into a convenient travel pillow so you don't have to worry about carrying around a super-heavy coat when traveling between different climates. Plus, since you can wear it two different ways, it means you'll have more options with the same amount of space. Amazing!

    two models both wearing the jacket, showing how it's reversible
    eight boxes showing how the jacket folds up and fits into a small bag that makes it a pillow

    Promising review: "I had been looking for a bomber jacket for awhile. I came across this one and decided to give it a try. I was more than impressed. It's warm without being too thick. I travel a lot, so I love that it becomes a pillow and saves me loads of packing space. A real steal at the price" —Ian P. 

    Get it from Summersalt for $95 (available in women's sizes XS–2X and in two colors). 

    7. A pair of compression socks to stop your feet and legs from swelling up as much as Violet Beauregarde did in Willy Wonka's factory.

    (left) hand holding the packaging (right) two feet with the black and yellow compression socks on

    8. AirFly, a wireless transmitter that'll connect your AirPods (or any other wireless headphones) to the headphone jack on the flight so you can enjoy all the free entertainment without being forced to bring two sets of headphones or use the crappy ones they have the AUDACITY to charge for on some flights.

    It also comes with a USB-C charging cable, travel pouch, keychain holder, quick-start guide, and a manual.

    Promising review: "I love this gadget ... I fly a lot and this works on the majority of wide-body planes I’ve taken over the past six months. Just plugs into one of the three-prong outlets (or single outlet in economy) and you can connect any Bluetooth device. Doesn’t always connect on the first try as I have multiple devices that my headphones are searching for, but if you turn off all other devices it seems to connect right away. Once connected, it works for many hours. A few planes I’ve taken recently (Qatar Airways) have USB charge points so close to the headphone jack that you can even plug it in while its working and never lose the charge. Highly recommend for travelers." —Joseph Sikorsky

    Get it from Amazon for $54.99.

    9. An Ethique shampoo bar so you can avoid using whatever they have at the hotel and also not worry about adding more liquids to your TSA-approved bag.

    10. A packing cube with built-in shelves you can pack every single outfit in. When you arrive at your hotel you simply take it out of your suitcase, hang it in the closet, and you'll be G2G for the whole trip.

    reviewer image of packing cube with clothes in it
    packing cube hanging up in closet

    Plus, it has a zipper compartment at the bottom you can put all your dirty clothes in, so they don't get mixed together and you end up just washing everything when you get home (bc that's usually what happens to me).

    Promising review: "I just love it. I travel a lot. Now I don’t have to hang anything up but my organizer. I can see what I pack and where everything is. Just love it. I can fit easy seven days' worth of outfits and three pairs of shoes in a carry-on suitcase. Just great." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $32.99+ (available in three colors and in a smaller size).

    11. Bose QC20 Earbuds that'll ~cancel~ all the noise (i.e., plane sounds, crying babies, talkative seat mates), and let you focus on whatever new podcast you've been obsessing over. Before you know it, you'll be at your destination.

    model with the black earbuds in while sitting in what looks like an airport

    12. Some melatonin sleep gummies made with L-Theanine, chamomile, and lemon balm to boost natural sleep hormones and help you fall asleep at a respectable time and be rested to take on the next day.

    the tub of gummy vitamins in a some purple sheets

    13. An anti-theft backpack with the main body zipper on the inside (against your back while in use) so you can feel safer knowing that nobody will be able to unzip it when you're in a crowded, unfamiliar space.

    reviewer sitting on a bench with the grey backpack with lighter grey stripe down the middle

    14. An Anker charging port with six USB ports so all your devices can get to 100% at the same time. Now that's luxury.

    rectangle-shaped charging port with spaces for six usbs to be plugged into the front

    15. A 3D-contoured sleeping mask designed with a 3D-contoured shape, which just means there's more space where your eyes go, so there's no pressure on them (you can also even open them), but it still provides total darkness so you can try and catch some zzz's when you have a 6 a.m. flight you had to get up at 3 a.m. to catch.

    reviewer wears black 3D-contoured sleeping mask
    the same sleeping mask with ear plugs

    Plus, it comes with a set of earplugs to block out all the noise around you!

    Promising review: "These are among the best sleep masks I've tried. I travel a lot so it's important that the mask be room darkening. These are made of high-quality material and excel at this. Additionally, I love the contours for the eyes. Unlike other masks, these don't press against my eyelids at night. One final benefit specific to my needs and those who have dry eyes and too much oil production; I have to place leave-on moistened scrubs over my eyelids at night. Unlike other masks that absorb much of the solution, these hold them firmly in place without too much pressure on my eyes and don't dry them out." —ginsing

    Get the set from Amazon for $17.99 (available in four colors).

    16. A travel wallet with an RFID-blocking shield material to not only keep all your many important travel documents organized but also safe and ready for you to grab when you need your ID quickly in the TSA line.

    reviewer photo of the wallet open, showing all the different pockets for passport, cards, money, phone, and more

    17. A tie-on travel pillow designed to use opposing pull to keep your head in the most comfortable position so you can actually sleep on your red-eye and get to your destination refreshed and ready to go. 

    person in airplane seat with scarf-like pillow tied to the arm rest
    two people in a travel van with the pillows tied to their sides
    40 Winks Travel / Etsy

    BTW — this Los Angeles–based small biz creates luxurious travel and lounge products to help you get to your destination comfortably. The pillow is handmade in the USA.

    Promising review: "I travel a lot for work, and this is the only thing that has actually allowed me to sleep comfortably on economy flights. A godsend." —Jessica

    Get it from 40 Winks Travel on Etsy for $35.

    18. A Trtl pillow made with fleece so you can sleep cozily in whatever position is the most comfortable for you. Plus, it only weighs half a pound and can easily be thrown in your carry-on without taking up a ton of space.

    model wearing a black trtl pillow while sleeping on a plane

    19. An anti-blister balm for when you're in a ~pinch~ and want to make sure that you don't get blisters from walking all day.

    reviewer holding the small purple balm in their hand

    20. An external battery so powerful that it can charge your phone up to three times before it needs to be charged itself (now that's convenient).

    the rectangle power bank in black with cord and mesh pouch sitting next to it

    21. A scratch-off world bucket list print filled with 80 popular destinations around the world that will not only inspire your next travels but also be a great way to remember where you've already been. Plus, it's a great piece of wall decor. 

    the white poster with circular illustrations of places around the world and a hand scratching one to show the beautiful colors that appear
    Kristin Douglas Art / Etsy

    BTW — This small, woman-owned business has been creating beautiful scratch-off posters from Salt Lake City, Utah, since 2014. 

    Promising review: "I love to travel and have seen many beautiful sights around the world. How cool it is to not only mark where I've been but to be inspired about where I have yet to go. I highly recommend this scratch off and the seller." —karenvpa

    Get it from Kristin Douglas Art on Etsy for $31.95+ (available in four options). 

    22. A portable white-noise machine that'll work hard while you sleep at night to block all the noises that come with staying in a hotel room. (Looking at you, elevator and ice machine!!!!!)

    the small circular noise machine attached to the handle of a suitcase

    23. A JetKids ride-on carry-on suitcase I'm pretty sure is about to become your new favorite product for traveling with kids. Not only does it have wheels, but it's designed so your toddler can sit on it, making it easy for you to wheel them through the airport. Then when you get on the flight, it easily transforms into a leg rest or in-flight bed to keep your kids comfy while in the air. How neat is that???

    a child model sitting on the wheely suitcase with an adult model pulling them next to it
    the suitcase in front of a seat that looks like an airplane chair, with it raised up, creating a leg rest for kids to make the seat more comfortable
    Nordstrom, Stokke

    It's recommended for kids ages 3–7 and fits most standard economy seats. Plus, it has an adjustable strap so you can carry it over your shoulder, a top handle, and a mattress inside that can be removed and used while in the flight. Parents have even used this product while in the airport waiting for the flight to keep their kids comfy and happy. 

    Promising review: "I had been in the market for over a year for a suitcase for my toddler that was both fun and functional. Prior to COVID, my husband, daughter, and I were near-monthly fliers traveling frequently on both short and long-haul flights. I rarely brought my daughter's own suitcase as most suitcases simply created another object to carry while trying to navigate an airport with a toddler, and multiple pieces of luggage. The bed box solves that problem, creating both an easy place to store the necessary items for your child and a fun ride-along for them in the airport (i.e., no more waiting what feels like hours for the constantly distracted toddler to walk with me through the airport). My 3-year-old's favorite features of this suitcase were the ability to decorate her own suitcase and the ride-on option. I actually had to hide the suitcase in our house when it's not in use so that she wouldn't constantly ask for a ride! The suitcase rolls smoothly and has a perfectly placed handle for the little ones to hold on to for support. It's stylish and durable, holding essential toys and other items for short or long haul flights. My favorite feature is the seat pad and ability to convert any seat into a toddler bed. The padding is soft and comfortable and will allow for naps on flights, or even just a more comfortable play area for mobile toddlers." —LissaGitt

    Get it from Nordstrom or Stokke for $199. 

    24. Some biodegradable hypoallergenic wipes because flying can make you feel gross, and these give you the chance to freshen up when there's not a shower in sight.

    model using one of the wipes on their arm

    These are made with natural tea tree oil, peppermint oil, ginseng oil, and aloe and come individually wrapped, so they're super easy to stash in your carry on. 

    Promising review: "I travel a lot, and these are perfect to keep in my purse and carry-on when I need a quick refresh. These were also PERFECT for a recent trip I had with 24 hours of travel. I will definitely buy again." —SimplyC

    Get a pack of 10 from Amazon for $9.99.