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15 Times Jason Momoa Was The King Of Instagram

Or should we say, the Khal of Instagram?

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1. Jason Momoa and his meat:

2. Jason Momoa and the butcher who cuts his meat:

3. Jason Momoa trapped inside of a wine cellar.

Not too bad, eh?

4. Jason Momoa living everyone's Back To The Future fantasies.

5. Jason Momoa at a bar that only serves Guinness. He didn't seem to mind:

6. Jason Momoa got his Guinness. That makes Jason Momoa happy.

7. Jason Momoa about to sip his Guinness. THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING US.

8. Jason Momoa enjoying his Guinness. Ah.

9. Jason Momoa and multiple Khaleesis (or Khaleesii?).

10. A Jason Momoa sonogram of Khal Drogo.

11. Jason Momoa and what looks like a resurrected Viserys.

12. Jason Momoa on an airport floor which raises a few questions:

1. Who took this pic?

2. Is that the sun or an added effect?

3. Who is the man staring pensively in the background?

4. Is Jason Momoa sleeping?

5. If so, did someone else Instragram this for him?

Either way, he needs another Guinness.

13. Jason Momoa on the Iron Throne.

Nothing fazes, Jason Momoa.

14. Jason Momoa arm wresting with Mike Tyson.

15. Jason Momoa outside of a women’s bathroom in an all-white outfit whilst charging with a football.

Do you, Jason, do you.

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