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15 Thoughts Everyone Who Hates Taking Shots Has Had

Ewww, do I have to? Ugh, fine.

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1. You watch your friend pour the shot. You’re already regretting this decision.

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2. Everyone’s getting ready to drink but you’re just trying to locate your chaser.

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Is it too late to back out?

3. But you give yourself a mental pep talk and work up the courage to go along with all of this. You can do it.

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4. You take it but it doesn’t go down smoothly. In fact, that was the most horrific thing that has ever happened to you.

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Just take me home now.

5. Your friends are all like...

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6. But you don’t understand when you’re all like...

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That couldn’t have been potable.

7. But everyone pressures you into taking another one.

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You want to have fun, but you can’t even think about doing that again. UGH.

8. You decide that after a few more you won’t even be able to taste them.

9. Okay, bad idea. That one was just as bad as the first. You need your bed and carbs.

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10. But you see everyone getting drunk and you’re just sitting with your sober self. What’s one more?

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11. That one wasn’t so bad. My friends aren’t so bad. Life is beautiful.

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13. And suddenly, you’re the one convincing everyone else to take another shot with you.

14. But after that last one, you’re back to where you started.

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15. You accept defeat and the night ends early for you. But hey, at least you tried. You’ll put your foot down next time.

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LOL no.

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