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10 Steps To Earning An Honorary Doctorate

Kanye got one, so why can't you?

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1. Own a large wardrobe comprised of only white clothes. / Via

You are an angel. You are a star.

2. Have a solid dance routine prepared for any unexpected moment. / Via

An honorary doctorate means the occasional bump and jive.

3. Marry a Kardashian. / Via

We suggest one over 18.

4. Pretend to never care about anything. / Via

It's not a big deal. Nothing's a big deal. You're a doctor. You're the only big deal you need.

5. Star in AT LEAST one 2 Chainz song, preferably with a solo that doesn't make sense. / Via

"Ahhhhhh, Yeezy Yeezy how you doin', huh?"

6. Master the casual eye roll. / Via

Oh peasants, you are so silly.

7. Have the ability to clone yourself. / Via

The only thing better than an honorary doctorate is TWO honorary doctorates.

8. Tell everyone you are a deity. / Via

Know your worth. Then, make sure everyone else knows your worth.

9. Control the universe. / Via

You are the sun. The stars are at your command. Everything revolves around you.

10. Become an Internet meme sensation. / Via





Go forth and conquer, honorary doctors.

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