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    17 Gift Ideas Based On Their Spotify Wrapped Stats

    Your most streamed artists are the window to your soul, or whatever Shakespeare said.

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    Spotify Wrapped season is here, and once again, social media is being bombarded by users sharing their favorite songs, genres, artists, and podcasts.

    We rounded up all the best gift ideas, organized by Spotify Wrapped category, so you can gift your friends and family something as curated and unique as their Spotify playlists. 

    1. A disco mushroom if their most streamed songs were all from the Renaissance album:

    Two mirrored-discoball mushrooms on table

    2. A karaoke microphone for those in the top 1% of their top artists' listeners:

    3. A record player if their most streamed artist hasn’t released music in this decade:

    4. This adorable and relatable mug if their most streamed song was “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)":

    5. A subscription from Cratejoy if they listened to over 100 different genres:

    6. An Audible membership if they listened to more podcast episodes than they did music:

    A copy of a book titled, "I'm Glad My Mom Died" sitting on a bed next to an android phone playing the same book on Audible

    7. This cool murder mystery subscription box if their most streamed podcast involved true crime:

    6 boxes with Hunt A Killer Logo and text above reading, "full season 6 month membership"

    8. This Official Lightstick if their most streamed artist was BlackPink or BTS:

    9. This relaxing candle if their music personality was labeled “Adventurer” or "The Early Adopter":

    A candle with text reading "fleurshadow" on label, sitting on a ledge surrounded by flowers

    10. This wallet-friendly film camera if Olivia Rodrigo or Harry Styles was in their top 5 artists:

    11. This compact bluetooth speaker if they spent more than 50,000 minutes streaming music:

    Small bluetooth speaker resting on a metal surface

    12. This really unique sweatshirt if songs from Channel Orange or Blonde made their top 5:

    13. This hydration backpack if the songs on their Spotify Wrapped playlist have no lyrics but a lot of bass:

    Boy looking at himself in mirror wearing hydration backpack. Photo taken of his back but his front is in view due to the reflection of the mirror.

    14. A cookbook if they streamed their top-played song more than 100 times:

    15. A pair of Beats Fit Pro headphones if their top five most streamed songs came from a HIIT playlist:

    16. This fun party game if their top played artists include Drake, Megan Thee Stallion, or Bad Bunny:

    Box reading "tell me, without telling me" next to various stacks of cards. Three cards are turned up, reading "underwear model" "indecisive" and "brazilian wax"

    17. This personalized phone case if they shared their Spotify Wrapped to their Instagram story:

    Two phones held side-by-side to show phone cases.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.