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Ten Songs You Forgot About And Now Need To Add To Your Spotify

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1.) "Hands Down" - Dashboard Confessional

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*As I finish my math homework and text my friends on my flip phone

2.) "Cool" - Gwen Stefani

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This was my favorite video for a really long time. So sad, but so beautiful. This is prime Gwen in my eyes.

3.) "Chasing Pavements" - Adele

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BABY ADELE. Her first big hit. I remember watching it on Vh1, they played it about three times before I had to leave for school. The video is still one of my favorite Adele videos.

4.) "Here (In Your Arms)" - Hellogoodbye

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This song used to be the real JAM. That auto tune and pulsing pop beat. Not to mention, the geekiest video ever. I still love it.

5.) "I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)" - Jay-Z

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That beat is hot as hell. This HOV is the HOV we love. Oversized jean jackets and crop tops = ultimate fashion.

6.) "Sex On Fire" - Kings of Leon

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The song your parents didn't want you to know all the words to, but you can't help the infectious bass-line and DOPE guitar riffs. C'mon Mom & Dad...

7.) "Chariot" - Gavin Degraw

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My sister had this whole CD and we used to sing every word (sometimes even added in harmonies.) The truth is, I only listen to old Gavin, because that's all that matters.

8.) "No Air" - Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown

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ONE OF THE BEST DUETS OF OUR TIME, COME ON YOU GUYS. Also, the most dramatic video ever. Lip-syncing on fleek.

9.) "Like I Love You" - Justin Timberlake

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I have officially brought this song back to life at every pre-game party I've ever DJ'd. Don't know the words? GTFO. Old JT is life. Either dance it out or there's the door.

10.) "Miss Independent" - Kelly Clarkson

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Played this album so much that the cover came off and cracked in half. Also, choreographed a dance to this with one of my oldest friends in her living room. We worked on the sassy hand motions for hours. Worth it.

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