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    49 Reasons To Head To Loch Lomond And The Trossachs Immediately

    Deep waters, wild glens, and crisp, fresh air. *Packs bags, grabs car keys.*

    1. Loch Lomond is, of course, the star attraction.

    Michaelhb81 / Thinkstock

    Milarrochy bay.

    2. Its crystal clear waters are the perfect place to dip your toes.

    3. But there are plenty of other lochs to explore as well.

    Derek McDougall / Thinkstock

    Like Loch Ard, with waters so still that you can lean over and just gaze at your reflection.

    4. And Loch Katrine.

    Derek McDougall / Thinkstock

    This stunning loch is home to several islands, including Ellen's Isle (An t-Eilean Molach in Gaelic, meaning "the shingly isle").

    5. Not to mention Loch Lubnaig.

    Flickr: stirlingcouncil / Creative Commons

    This frosty loch is usually too cold for paddling, but well worth a visit nonetheless.

    6. You can escape to one of the park's secluded islands.

    Flickr: bruce89 / Creative Commons

    Inchcailloch, Loch Lomond.

    7. Inchmurrin Island has its own bar. / Creative Commons

    But Inchconnachan Island has wallabies living on it.

    8. You'll meet charming locals.

    Abbé / Via

    Like these friendly Highland cows.

    9. And see majestic ospreys, peregrines, eagles, and buzzards overhead...

    Neil Burton / Thinkstock

    There's a fantastic Bird of Prey Trail you can follow.

    10. ...and fluffy ducks enjoying the scenery.

    Flickr: somekindofrob / Creative Commons

    11. You can climb one of the awesome mountains.

    Flickr: by-mark / Creative Commons

    Reach the summit of Ben Lomond for cracking views.

    12. Or clamber up Beinn Artair/Ben Arthur.

    Flickr: ipohkia / Creative Commons

    Known as "The Cobbler" (due to the the distinctive shape of the summit).

    13. You shouldn't miss the magnificent Ben Venue either.

    Flickr: 127130111@N06 / Creative Commons

    Amazing views guaranteed.

    14. Or the "Arrochar Alps".

    Flickr: portengaround / Creative Commons

    Hello awesomeness.

    15. If you don't feel like climbing a mountain, you can always visit stunning waterfalls.

    Awhelin / Thinkstock

    Like the majestic Falls of Falloch.

    16. The Falls of Dochart are truly unforgettable.

    Alanfin/ Thinkstock

    17. And Bracklinn Falls are a photographer's dream.

    Stephen McCluskey / Thinkstock

    18. The Trossachs are a super romantic place for a stroll.

    Flickr: paisleyorguk / Creative Commons

    You can watch the sun set over the mountains.

    19. Where you can gaze at its reflection on the Lake of Menteith.

    Flickr: 127130111@N06 / Creative Commons

    20. The park is a pretty awesome place to watch the stars.

    Flickr: by-mark / Creative Commons

    Minimal light pollution = maximum star gazing.

    21. It's also a great place for a bike ride.

    22. Or a sail.

    Flickr: 103039225@N05 / Creative Commons

    23. Don't worry if you don't want to row your own boat.

    Sue Burton Photography / Thinkstock

    You can always enjoy a leisurely cruise along Loch Katrine aboard the Sir Walter Scott steamship, which runs from the end of March till the start of October.

    24. If you prefer to stay on dry land, why not try a spot of golf?

    25. You can also try your hand at waterskiing or wakeboarding.

    Love Loch Lomond / Via

    26. Or, for maximum excitement, head to Loch Ard.

    Stephen Meese / Thinkstock

    You can canoe, kayak, mountain bike, or even play on an inflatable iceberg on Loch Ard at Go Country.

    27. If you want a calmer break there are lots of really lovely things to do.

    Flickr: goforchris / Creative Commons

    Like explore the incredible Benmore Botanic Garden.

    28. Or hire a golf buggy and tour the bonny banks of Loch Katrine.

    Flickr: keithloaf / Creative Commons

    29. Like history? The national park has some incredible ruins to investigate.

    30. Or if you prefer your architecture a little more structurally complete, you can always visit a castle.

    Flickr: markyharky / Creative Commons

    31. The national park has inspired countless poets and artists.

    Flickr: allys_scotland / Creative Commons

    William Wordsworth wrote his famous work "To a Highland Girl" after being inspired by the beauty of Inversnaid. If you want to know about other artists and poets, check out this handy Art and Literature trail guide.

    32. It's also got its fair share of unusual mythology and supernatural stories.

    Flickr: 127130111@N06 / Creative Commons

    Just outside the village of Aberfoyle is a strange conical hill known as the "Fairy Knowe", said to be the haunt of fairies and otherworldly creatures.

    33. Check out the super spooky Drovers Inn.

    Flickr: bods / Creative Commons

    If ghosts tickle your fancy then head to this pub on the banks of Loch Lomond where guests report ghostly occurrences on a regular basis.

    34. All this exploring will make you hungry, so it's lucky that there are lots of cracking places to eat.

    Abbé / Via

    Don't miss the quirky Wee Blether Tearoom in Kinlochard: A family run café on the banks of Loch Ard with a delicious breakfast and lunch menu.

    35. The Wee Blether Tearoom serves the best toasties ever made.

    36. Or head to the beautiful Inversnaid Bunkhouse, an old church converted into a restaurant and hostel.

    37. You can also try some homemade ice cream at St Mocha Coffee Shop in Balmaha.

    St Mocha Coffee Shop / Via Facebook: stmocha

    38. No visit is complete without one of their sundaes.

    39. If you fancy splashing the cash head to the Mhor Hotel in Balquhidder for a delicious lunch or dinner.

    40. Or, if you like your dinner and wine with a view, head to the Shore House Inn in Lochgoilhead.

    41. You'll probably want to spend more than a day here, so it's handy there are lots of places to lay your head.

    42. Or if you prefer a roof and four solid walls, put your feet up and relax at the luxurious Cameron House.

    43. Wondering how to get to the park? You can always take a seaplane.

    Flickr: markyharky / Creative Commons

    It's a pretty impressive way to travel. You can also get a train, a bus, cycle or drive, but what's cooler than a freakin' seaplane?

    44. Whether you visit in winter...

    Flickr: 127130111@N06 / Creative Commons

    Maol Mor.

    45. ...spring...

    Derekmcdougall / Getty Images / Thinkstock

    Arrochar, Loch Long and Ben Lomond.

    46. ...summer...

    Ianwool / Getty Images / Thinkstock


    47. ...or autumn...

    Derekmcdougall / Getty Images / Thinkstock


    48. thing's for sure:

    Flickr: 127130111@N06 / Creative Commons

    49. You'll never want to leave.

    Drimafilm / Getty Images

    Ben Lomond.