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11 Fashion Tips From Mr. Feeny

From school to home to play, George always kept it tight and sassy. Read on to learn how you too can be 90s chic in all the right ways.

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Tip #4: Combinations.


Of course, if you want to really amp up your style, layers are key. Here we have a collegiate Mr. Feeny, sporting a sweater vest, amazing tie, textured blazer, and a killer superior attitude. And all color coordinated, no less.

Well done, George.

Tip #5: Accessories can make or break an outfit.

Via fe-fe-fe-feeny-45040/index5.html

Caught in a moment of fashion weakness, George looks less than thrilled about these outfit enhancers. But, if original Morgan asks you to join her tea party, what're ya gonna do?

And, in my opinion, Feeny looks quite dashing in Victorian era ladies fashion.

Tip #6: Consistency.


If you're trying to relate to the younger generation via your choice of garb, it's best to go with a consistent motif.

I mean, face it, you'd laugh if someone showed up to 6th grade in just a Meat Loaf sweatshirt or hat. But both? You're sitting with the cool kids at lunch today, Feeny.

Tip #7 Supplemental.


Of course, dependent on the weather, the sweater's weight and style can be altered. Here Feeny is donning a sexy blue cardigan, and it is working overtime for him.

Plus, look at adorable Eric, emulating Mr. Feeny's love for plaid. So. Cute. So cute.

Tip #10: When the occasion calls for it, Get Fancy.

Via wedding-photo

If you ever find yourself getting married to your superior in your neighbor's living room, don't even think about scrimping on the fancy. Tuxedo, in classic black, and a red rose boutonniere give such a special occasion a signature Feeny style.

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