9 Pieces Of Empirical Evidence Proving Cats Are Liquid

Much like Ariel Cola, the stepsister from Planet Weird, cats are amorphous alien beings sent to Earth to observe and judge us. But they’re so fluffy!

1. Exhibit One.

Look at this feline. It’s in a bowl. You know what else goes in bowls? Milk. Water. Cola. You see the pattern here?

2. Exhibit Two.

While it is plausible that Fishbowl Cat is merely studying her second favorite prey’s preferred domestic environment (her first favorite prey is Lasers), she seems pretty suspiciously liquidated to me.

3. Exhibit Three.

This liquid cat aspires to be Styrofoam. Tough luck, cat.

“You’re never gonna be Jello!” - Julia Roberts (kinda applicable, kinda not)

4. Exhibit Four.

This chubby kitty is confused: am I Pepsi or a Gibson Acoustic?


5. Exhibit Five.

Someone poured this cat out of its container! What a mess!

Also, Salvador Dalí called, he wants his cat back. (Bah Dum CHH!)

6. Exhibit Six.

When it rains cats and… more cats, don’t forget to clean out those gutters.

7. Exhibit Seven.

This kitten is not skim. It’s whole. And super nutritious.

8. Exhibit Eight.

The first in a series, this photograph is evidence that cats like to return to a familiar setting, where they are free to be the liquid they are and always have been.

9. Exhibit Eight extended.

“Why you don’t you just go HOME? That’s your HOME! Are you too good for your HOME?” - Happy Gilmore

“I AM HOME!” - Fluff the Sink Cat

10. Exhibit Eight extended. Again.

Like drops of water through a leaky faucet, so are the cats of this sink.


11. Exhibit Nine.


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