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25 Signs That You're A Bluth

Or A Fünke. Whether you perform illusions (not tricks) for a living or have deep, deep-seated mommy issues, here are a few ways that you can know once and for all who your father is (spoiler, it's Oscar).

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1. You're a sucker for a juice box.

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2. You know what it's like to make a huge mistake.

3. Your life is filled with Happy Days.

4. Like, really.

5. It is just lousy with references.

6. Sometimes, life just gets you really down.

7. And in those times, your shower is your sanctuary.

8. But other times, you aren't afraid to display your emotions.

9. Albeit with a little help sometimes.

10. You've never actually seen a chicken.

11. And you might be a little out of touch with reality.

12. You've participated in (and won) a pageant or two in your time.

13. But, even so, you still have a few self-image issues to work out.


14. You like omitting the word "the" from normal discourse.

15. A lot.


I mean, why waste time, say lot word when few word do trick?

16. You have a flair for the dramatic.

17. And you really know how to make an entrance.

18. You've proposed about 34 times.


And BJ Novak is currently planning your ceremony.

19. But you've dated someone in the past you'd like to forget.

20. So you've self-medicated.

21. You are quite the wordsmith.

22. And extremely talented.

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23. You've prematurely had vanity plates made.

24. And/or revolutionary business cards.

At least we know this is one Patrick Bateman would not be jealous of.Wait...

At least we know this is one Patrick Bateman would not be jealous of.


25. And last, but not least, your entire family is certifiably, batshit crazy. / Via funke-buster-bluth-linds/43460278736

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