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Silliest College Team Names

Ranked by intimidation and ridiculousness.

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Bellicose Animals

Fourth Place: University of California - Irvine "Anteaters"

Third Place: University of Minnesota "Golden Gophers"

Runner Up: University of Delaware "Fightin' Blue Hens"

First Place: University of California - Santa Cruz "Banana Slugs"

A close race. The difference-maker here was the aggressive adjectives. Santa Cruz pulled ahead due to pure silliness.

Pugnacious Humans

Seventh Place: University of Hawaii "Rainbow Warriors"

Sixth Place: Arkansas Tech "Wonder Boys"

Tied for Fifth Place: Tie: University of Pennsylvania "Quakers" and Providence College "Friars"

Fourth Place: University of Tennessee "Volunteers"

Third Place: University of Nebraska "Cornhuskers"

Runner Up: Wichita State University "Wheatshockers"

First Place: California State University - Long Beach "Dirtbags"

There's simply nothing better than a good dirtbag. Although frisky clergymen and extravagant farmers are also enticing.

Quarrelsome Food Items

Runner Up: Scottsdale Community College "Fighting Artichokes"

First Place: North Carolina School of the Arts "Fighting Pickles"

This was a close one, because any food item with the word 'fighting' in front of it is quite intimidating. However, in the end, the Fighting Pickles pulled through just because of the sexual innuendo.

Combative Inanimate Objects

Fourth Place: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga "Moccasins" - because comfortable shoes are so destructive.

Third Place: St. Louis University "Billikens" - a creepy doll made in Missouri.

Runner Up: Presbyterian College "Blue Hose" - a failing attempt to rise up to the level of the White Sox and Red Sox. Also, when spoken, this team could be confused for hypothermic prostitutes.

First Place: Rhode Island School of Design "Nads" - Can't you just hear a crowd of people cheering "Go Nads!"? They also have a basketball team named "The Balls", and their mascot is named Scrotie. Hehe.

In the end, a good sexual innuendo just cannot be beat.

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