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    21 Reasons Rachel Green Was The Best Role Model

    Looking back, Rachel really showed girls how to be a boss.

    1. She wasn't afraid to make a fool of herself.

    2. She could admit when she was wrong.

    3. She shit-talked right back.

    4. She had her priorities straight.

    5. She made the best prank calls.

    6. Her confidence was unparalleled.

    7. She didn't take any shit.

    8. She wasn't afraid to tell people off.

    9. She told it like it was.

    10. She wasn't afraid to bitch someone out in public.

    11. She was a master of sarcasm.

    12. She taught us all how to seduce an older man.

    13. She wasn't afraid to call you out.

    14. She wasn't afraid to end a relationship.

    15. She was always there for her friends.

    16. She stood up for herself.

    17. She knew how to make you feel special.

    18. She exploited people's flaws.

    19. She didn't put up with men being assholes.

    20. She was confident in her own body.

    21. She went for it.