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    21 Reasons Rachel Green Was The Best Role Model

    Looking back, Rachel really showed girls how to be a boss.

    1. She wasn't afraid to make a fool of herself.

    NBC / Via

    Seriously, wearing your high school cheerleading outfit to impress a guy? She had some balls.

    2. She could admit when she was wrong.

    NBC / Via

    Something we can ALL work on.

    3. She shit-talked right back.

    NBC / Via

    Wouldn't try telling Rachel she doesn't have Unagi now, would you?

    4. She had her priorities straight.

    NBC / Via

    Fabulous coat > any man.

    5. She made the best prank calls.

    NBC / Via

    But really, if you have an embarrassing last name, you kinda have that coming.

    6. Her confidence was unparalleled.

    NBC / Via

    Only Rachel could pull that look off.

    7. She didn't take any shit.

    8. She wasn't afraid to tell people off.

    NBC / Via

    Even if they might not have known what that word meant.

    9. She told it like it was.

    10. She wasn't afraid to bitch someone out in public.

    NBC / Via

    Namely Ross.

    11. She was a master of sarcasm.

    NBC / Via

    12. She taught us all how to seduce an older man.

    NBC / Via

    I'm in college and I'm in a band.

    Yeah, okay!

    13. She wasn't afraid to call you out.

    NBC / Via

    We all need that friend.

    14. She wasn't afraid to end a relationship.

    NBC / Via

    It's NOT that common, it DOESN'T happen to every guy, and IT IS A BIG DEAL.

    15. She was always there for her friends.

    16. She stood up for herself.

    NBC / Via

    You — you know I don't have a — have a problem...with that.

    17. She knew how to make you feel special.

    NBC / Via

    Even if she did make you let her use your insurance.

    18. She exploited people's flaws.

    NBC / Via

    And she did it well.

    19. She didn't put up with men being assholes.

    20. She was confident in her own body.

    NBC / Via

    You gotta work with what you have.

    21. She went for it.

    NBC / Via

    "I got off the plane."

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