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    Watch This Super Cute Visual Representation Of Sleeping Positions And Find Out How You Hog The Sheets

    Unless you're Han Solo, in which case there really is only one position for you.

    They Might Be Giants held a video contest for their track, "Am I Awake?" and below is one of the three winners! The wonderful video catalogs lots and lots of sleeping positions, offering a humorous twist on sheet stealing antics.

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    At first they covered some classic moves.

    The stuff dreams are made of, really.

    But then things started to get a little more obscure...

    And artsy!

    They showed us that this position is always awkward, even while asleep.

    And that friend requesting anyone is always stressful.

    They recreated famous works of art...

    And classic movie scenes.

    But mostly they showed us that sleep is fun.

    Although it can sometimes be a battle. Sweet dreams!