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Watch This Inspiring 6-Year Time Lapse Of A Girl Who Has A Disorder That Makes Her Pull Out Her Hair

"I'd rather look back and see a project filled with honesty, than see 2000 photos of fake smiles."

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Rebecca Brown is a YouTuber that is afflicted by Trichotillomania, a disorder that makes her pull out her hair strand by strand, resulting in baldness and emotional trauma. She made this time-lapse to share her story.

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Rebecca's hair changes length throughout the video. She says, "At the time of each shave, I am roughly half bald, more so round the sides and back. By shaving the hair that is left, it stops me ripping out more and allows my head to heal."

Trichotillomania is a lifelong struggle. Rebecca still loses hair, but not on the same scale. To learn more about the disorder, and to see Rebecca's entire body of work so far, check out her channel.

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