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Watch This Black Woman Confront Racism Face-To-Face As She Talks To Neo-Nazi's And KKK Members

They can't even look her in the eyes.

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Mo Asumang, daughter of a black Ghanaian father and a white German mother, talks to BBC News about making her new documentary, The Aryans, in which she confronts racists, both in Germany and among the Ku Klux Klan in America.

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"I went out and confronted these people with my person," Mo says. "They have an imagination of their enemy but don't actually meet them very much."

One member of the KKK tells her that no one in the Klan is a racist. "But you're wearing hundreds of years of threat and terror," Mo replies.

"These people don't know their so-called enemy...when they talk to me they talk to reality," Mo says. Her approach is to smile at them and see how they respond.

Mo even gets this man to hug her before parting, even though it's clear the hug makes him uncomfortable. “I hope nobody sees a picture of that, I’ll be through," he says to her as they embrace.

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