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Watch Teens Hilariously React To An Internet Tutorial Video From The 90s

It will either make you feel really old or really young.

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In this episode of "Teens React," the younsters were shown a 90s era instructional video called "Kids' Guide to The Internet." Spoiler Alert: they hated it.

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At first they were kind of confused by what they were watching.

They couldn't believe the 90s style and tone.

And definitely didn't have the attention span to sit through the whole thing.

Mostly, though, they just couldn't.

After watching the entire thing they pretty much couldn't believe it wasn't a joke. Some of the teens understood how it was informative when it came out, but since they all grew up using the internet they found no need for it.

Mostly, the kids couldn't believe that people used to use dial-up, pay to get their email, and survived without Google and YouTube. #thestruggle

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