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This Video Of People Kissing For The First Time Goes From Awkward To Beautiful In Mere Moments

Update: It turns out this video is an advertisement for Wren Studio. The kissers are all actors and models.

Tatia Pilieva asked 20 strangers to kiss upon their first meeting.

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At first it was kind of uncomfortable...

Most couples introduced themselves before locking lips.

Some of them dished out compliments or locked eyes to get in the mood.

But when they finally went for it it was magic.

They seemed to lose themselves, at least for the moment.

There was even an ass grab!

Human connection is fun!

We're willing to bet some of these couples got to experience seconds or even thirds.

"Do we make out more?" one couple asked. HELL YEAH! Go for it, you guys.

UPDATE! This video is an ad for Wren clothing, and the kissers are all actors and models.