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    Nov 5, 2014

    This Mom Trying To Explain "Inception" Can't Tell The Difference Between Matt Damon And Leonardo DiCaprio

    Let's go deeper.

    Wendy had never seen Inception before, so her son decided to have her watch it and then give a little recap. And everybody knows, mom reviews are the best reviews!

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    Right off the bat, Wendy says the movie was "so tedious," and that she had to take breaks while watching it.

    She also thinks the idea of going into someone's head is really intrusive and was very upset by it.


    Moving into the actual story, though, Wendy was pretty confident that the lead actor was Matt Damon.

    Additionally, she thought the character played by Ellen Page might've been played by Amy Adams or Jennifer Lawrence. Too tough to tell, though.

    Either way, she was really hoping this mystery actress and Matt Damon would fall for each other.

    Her favorite scene was when a bunch of women with headbands and colorful clothing were crowded around a doorway. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT SCENE THIS IS? SERIOUSLY. BuzzFeed wants to know!

    Basically, Wendy's version of Inception stars Matt Damon and is an epic love story with women in headbands. Sounds like a hit!