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This Double-Face Halloween Makeup Look Is Trippy AF

Try not to get a headache.

Promise Phan is a talented makeup artist who just slayed Halloween with this amazing tutorial video showing how to transform your face into a trippy “double vision” illusion.

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With Halloween just around the corner, this look just might be the coolest costume that only requires a bit of makeup.

Tammy kicks it off with a second pair of eyebrows right under her eyes after applying a full face of flawless makeup.

She then moves onto the second set of eyes, applying the same eyeshadow on them as her ~real~ eyes.


But what is ~real~ anymore?

After filling in the whites of the eyeball, she applies eyeliner.

When she fills in her irises, it really starts to come together!

She fills in the bottom lashes, but uses fake lashes for the top.


A big plus in this look: fuzzy cheeks.

Some subtle makeup for the second nose...

...And then she's onto the second set of lips. Although, who can even see what's she's doing down there, because that second pair of eyes is really staring into the deepest part of your soul.

After all the makeup was applied, Tammy had a bit of a headache.

Instead of staring in the mirror any longer, she went off to scare the neighbors!


Raddest Halloween costume ever.