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This Couple Had A Surprise Wedding On A Plane And It's Beautiful

The craziest part was that the bride had no idea it was about to happen!

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Over Valentines Day, Thomas Cook airlines posted on their Facebook, "If you could marry your love on a plane, would you do it?" Alexander replied yes and they decided to make his dream a reality. The only catch was, his girlfriend wasn't in on the plan.

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One of the craziest aspects of this video was that Alexander and Marieke weren't even engaged yet when he started planning their surprise plane wedding.

They had to get Marieke on the plane somehow without her suspecting a thing. Along with the help of her sister who was in on it, they convinced Marieke that she won a free trip.

On the big day, 40 friends and family were picked up and taken to the airport.

They had Marieke and her sister arrive at a different entrance and board the plane last while her friends and family hid in the back of the aircraft.

As soon as the plane took off, it was Alexander's cue to propose. Disguised as a flight attendant, he anxiously walked down the aisle.

Marieke was so surprised to see him and immediately started welling up. He proposed and luckily SHE SAID YES!

Now it was time for the wedding! They decorated the fuselage with flowers and even had a violinist to accompany the ceremony.

As Marieke walked down the aisle, she started to notice that all her friends and family were also on the plane!

When they landed in Rhodes, there was a wonderful party to celebrate, complete with fireworks. Congrats, you two!

Check out this behind-the-scenes video for more info about how this was pulled off!

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