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Is This The Best Way To Have Sex In A Long-Distance Relationship?

Teledildonics — sex toys connected to the internet — are a thing.

Fusion explores Teledildonics, sex toys that can be controlled through the internet so that partners can stimulate each other remotely. But can you actually have good sex through a computer?

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Teledildonics is not having sex with a computer. It's having sex through a computer with a partner. These sex toys can be controlled by a smartphone across the street and even across the country!

This technology was around in the '90s because people wanted to have sex over the internet without the fear of disease. These days, cam girls are using these sex toys online as well.

But this isn't just for people who want to pay for sex. Couples have begun to incorporate it into their sex life, whether they are long distance or simply traveling.

People complain that most of the technology heavily favors the male consumer. Also, lots of products are still in the development stage and unavailable.