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Proof That Walmart Ice Cream Doesn't Melt And Is Made Of Magic

What is this sorcery!

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After reading a news story about Walmart ice cream not melting, Dan Collins decided to conduct an experiment. 75 minutes later, it became apparent that the ice cream sandwich is SPACE FOOD.

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After 20 minutes in 80-degree weather, the ice cream was completely in tact!

35 minutes later it looked exactly the same. Dan had put out a scoop of Blue Bunny during the 15 minutes in between, and it had completely melted in that time.

After an hour, Dan started to see a little pooling action. So what's going on with this lack of meltage, huh?

Apparently Walmart ice cream contains certain ingredients that act as stabilizers to allow it to keep its shape. More stabilizers make the melting process slower, which is the reason behind this strange phenomenon.

At the end of the day, though, IT'S ICE CREAM AND IT'S DELICIOUS.

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