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Meet The “Pink Helmet Posse,” A Group Of 6-Year-Old Skateboarders Who Are The Baddest B*tches Around

Gnarly in pink!

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If you happen to pass by a skate park in Encinitas, California, you might find three little girls skateboarding in pink tutus and helmets. They are the Pink Helmet Posse and they're f*cking rad. Check out their story in the New York Times for more.

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Sierra, Bella, and Relz are the coolest 6-year-olds around. They paint their nails in the middle of the skatepark because they dgaf.

The girls definitely encounter some negativity from the boys at the skatepark (especially their older brothers), but their parents advise them to prove their talent and let that speak for itself.

Of course they fall and get bruises all the time. "Sometimes I cry, sometimes I don't," Bella says.

The fact is, these little cuties are inspiring. "What I'm learning is there's no limits to what they can do," Bella's dad says. HELL YEAH!

And even though the boys tease them, one of the older brothers admits, "Well I think it's pretty cool, though, that 6-year-old little girls are dropping in bowls and stuff." DUH, BECAUSE IT'S THE COOLEST.

Even though only 33 out of 192 competitors in the 2013 X Games were women, these little ladies hope that one day there will be the same amount of girls skating as boys.

"I'd like to see the Pink Helmet Posse everywhere. That'd be awesome." Bella's mom says. Yes, please.

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