Watch This Little Boy Get His Tooth Pulled Out By A Hot Wheels Car

Doesn’t go exactly as planned.

1. Lance’s family rigged a hot wheels car to a launcher in an attempt to pull his loose tooth out. He wasn’t too pleased with the results.

2. Unfortunately, the tooth didn’t want to come out just yet.

3. After some extra force, Lance was shocked to have it come flying out of his mouth!

4. He wasn’t too happy!

5. Awwww little dude!

6. His dad kept asking him to smile so we could all see the glorious result, but Lance wasn’t having it.

7. “There’s blood coming out of me!” he screamed and ran into the house.

8. His family was cheering him on for being so brave, but he was still kind of in shock.

9. After a little bit, though, they got him to smile!


11. And don’t worry, guys! Lance is totally fine. Check out the below to see his happy ending speech following the whole ordeal.

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