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    Jimmy Kimmel Goes Through Sarah Silverman's Purse, Finds Condoms, A Gun, And "Space Jam" DVD

    Best ever former celebrity couple.

    Last week at the Emmys, Giuliana Rancic went through Sarah Silverman's purse and found a vape pen filled with pot. Because of the incident, Jimmy Kimmel decided to check out what else Sarah keeps in her purse.

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    Firstly, regarding the vape scandal, Sarah wants everyone to know she DGAF what you think because medicinal weed is legal in California.

    In case you were wondering: she's perfect.

    Jimmy decided to go through her purse and see what else she carries because WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

    For the record, Sarah keeps a copy of Space Jam on her at all times, as one does.

    She's also strapped at all times.

    And last but not least, she always carries at least two dozen condoms.