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    Aug 5, 2015

    Hilarious Grandmas Review Sex Toys

    "Why don't you just fuck your computer?"

    Cosmopolitan gave these cheeky grandmas a bunch of sex toys, and their reactions are hilarious.

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    First, they were given the Minna Limon, an external vibrator in the shape of a lemon.

    They were confused. Does it go inside? Does it stay outside?

    Is it a speaker for an iPhone?

    Next, they examined the We-Vibe 4 Plus, a couple's vibrator.

    But they didn't like how unnatural it looked.

    They were then given the Crave Duet Vibe, an external vibrator.

    They were told that you can charge it with your computer through a USB, which didn't settle well with them.

    It also reminded this lady of a tuning fork, so maybe it has healing properties?

    It was now time to review the classic Magic Wand, a "traditional massager" you may recognize from your local Brookstone.

    This woman immediately started singing into it like a microphone.

    They felt it should just be used as a back massager instead of a sex toy.

    Lastly, it was time to review the Rabbit Habit Deluxe.

    This woman was immediately smitten.

    After seeing all the sex toys out on the market, the ladies didn't seem THAT impressed. Maybe they're purists.