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Here Are Some Really Impressive One-Take Movie Parodies That Will Make You Re-Think The Way You Watch Film

They nail the hero movie, the disaster movie and the heist genre tropes perfectly.

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Above Average made some pretty great parodies of your typical hero movie, disaster movie and heist movie. Only thing is, they filmed them each using just one-take. Super impressive stuff! Check out episode 1 below.

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One of the best parts about these genre parodies is the way they point out the one-dimensionality of female roles in typical Hollywood films.

And I mean, how fun is this?!

Episode 2, below, covers the disaster movie genre. This one also deals with women's roles in film.

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Your average disaster movie scene, this time with large cat (because this is the internet, after all).

Finally, episode 3 satires the typical heist movie, complete with over-the-top reveals, twists and montages.

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Awesome stuff, y'all!

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