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    Definitive Proof That "Turn Down For What" Makes Everything Better

    Thank you, Internet.

    Firstly, if you haven't seen the music video for this song-turned-meme, THAT'S A MISTAKE. Educate yourself, then we can begin.

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    I mean, this is internet gold.

    Anyway, it all began with this classic boat crash vid. Although it went viral on it's own years ago (#classicinternet), TDFW gives it new life.

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    But wait, what? Turn down for Hwhat?

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    Let's now travel east to an epic dance-off in Tehran.

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    Even the characters in Frozen don't feel like turning down.

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    Hey, and guys, this dad will literally never turn down so don't even bother asking.

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    This baby has the right idea.

    But what if TDFW was an epic drama?

    Essentially, it seems, one does not simply turn down. There is also a "Turn Down For What" button for all your dance party needs. So, you know, get turnt.

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