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This Is What 100 Years Of Fitness Looks Like In 100 Seconds

What a workout!

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Benenden Health made this video showing just how fitness has evolved over the last 100 years. Get ready to sweat.

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In the 1940s, however, fitness and exercise focused more on physical attractiveness. Women weren't interested in sweating or muscle definition, but would perform basic sit-ups and small moves at home.

The 1950s saw the introduction of the hula hoop, making workouts a bit more fun.


According to Benenden Health, "25,000,000 hula hoops were sold in less than four months, while over the next two years, sales exceeded 100,000,000 units."

In the '60s, lots of machines emerged "focused on weight loss through much more passive forms of exercise." Women would slide on boards or put vibrating belts around their thighs to "jiggle away excess."


These days, dance classes are still a really huge form of exercise, especially with the rising popularity of Zumba, which "incorporates hip-hop, soca, salsa, samba, merengue, and mambo."


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