1987 MTV Commercial Proves College Life Was Awesome Back Then

How awesome? Slow-motion-cartwheel awesome.

1. How awesome was college life in the ’80s? Let’s use this 1987 MTV commercial for Drake University to track a day in the life of an undergrad.

2. In 1987, you woke up in the morning…

3. Put on your shades…

4. Sprinted to class…

5. And worked on cutting-edge computers.

6. You could make charts and stuff.

7. And print important reports.

8. After class, you’d enjoy a bite to eat…

9. Maybe play some intramural sports…

10. Then you’d hit the party. In style.

11. Meeting people was totally easy.

12. You’d ask them on a date, and nervously await the response… until…

13. Success! He said yes!

14. Then you’d do a slow motion cartwheel.

15. And that was life, pretty much. At least at Drake University. Here’s the full commercial:

What was life like at your school in the ’80s?

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