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Top 10 List: Awkward Family Photos

There is no keepsake more treasured than a great family photo. The key to a great family photo is to convey love and emotion, not awkwardness. Unfortunately these people did not realize that.

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  • NUMBER 10

    "Sweetheart... are you sure this is going to make a good Christmas card, and not be a bit awkward?" "It would only be awkward if we were really naked and not simulated naked in these fuzzy body suits... Honey, don't play with that!"

  • NUMBER 9

    Oh my God... where did you find these awesome authentic seaQuest DSV uniforms!

  • NUMBER 8

    "Don't let these people take me home... HELP ME!"

  • NUMBER 7

    One of these things is not like the other ones, not like the other ones, not like the other ones.

  • NUMBER 6

    "Do you like A Flock of Seagulls?" "No, but I can see that you do."

  • NUMBER 5

    This is just creepy!

  • NUMBER 4

    Apparently this guy owns enough guns to necessitate an entire gun rack.

  • NUMBER 3

    "That's my boy... Drink that booze off that stripper's chest just like your mother taught you!"

  • NUMBER 2

    Soon after this photo was taken Bob filed for a divorce and demanded custody of the family's beloved dog. To this day, Jane is still wondering what went wrong with her marriage.

  • NUMBER 1

    "DON'T F### WITH MY FAMILY!!!"