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Meet The Guy Behind Those Adorable AT&T Commercials

Everything you need to know about Beck Bennett, the improv comedian who wrangles comedy gold out of those adorable little kids.

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If you went to USC in the early '00s, you might recognize him.


Beck honed his improv skills with USC's improv comedy group Commedus Interruptus (that's him on the top right). Those improv skills have served him well in his AT & T gig.

Beck is currently a "Featured Player" on Saturday Night Live.

That basically means that he doesn't get paid as much as the other actors, and doesn't appear in very many sketches. But don't worry: lots of SNL "Featured Players" have made it to the regular cast and then gone on to have huge careers, most notably Adam Sandler.

Beck is from Wilmette, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. He's 29 years old.


Here he is showing off his senior pic at New Trier High School. TRIVIA: Lots of SNL actors through the years have come from the Chicago area, including Weekend Update anchor Cecily Strong, and comedy legend Bill Murray.

Beck didn't respond to my request for an interview.

Via Twitter: @becbenit

I attempted to contact him via Twitter, but he doesn't seem to post much; his most recent tweets are dated February 23rd, February 9th, January 31st and January 13th. (By contrast, Bobby Moynihan tweets several times per day).

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