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    Three Bookshops Had A Twitter Fight...And It Ruled

    Waterstones accused Foyles of setting off their fire alarm, leading to a word-slinging match that eventually dragged in Blackwells.

    It all started with an accusation from Waterstones...

    ...leading to a pretty catty comeback from Foyles.

    Blackwells became that friend who stands in the corner scoring points.

    Waterstones struck back with a typically dismissive put down...

    ...while Blackwells egged both on further...

    ...and Big Green Bookshop joined in to remind Waterstones of their previous behavior problems.

    Kirkdale muttered something to the competitors...

    ...which was seemingly shrugged off by Blackwells.

    Yet Waterstones couldn't resist calling Blackwells' bluff.

    Blackwell showed a new side, clearly agitated they threatened to throw down...

    ...but Waterstones' real beef lay with Foyles.

    Foyles knew when to walk away, not without a snide remark though... which Chepstow books were clearly aggrieved at being left out.

    The fight ended with Waterstones getting the last tweet.