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      When we were young, we had a dog who would bark all the time. Shocking bark collars had just come out so my parents bought one to try it out. My sisters and I convinced our little 6-year old brother to put it on to see if it worked. He latched it on himself and laughed that it wasn’t working. We told him that he had to bark for it to work. Sure enough, he let out a little bark and he was promptly shocked. But then, he started squealing, which caused the shocking to continue. We had to chase him all over the house while he screamed so we could get it off of him. The whole thing was hilarious and he was fine. And don’t worry.. he grew up to be a foot and 50 lbs bigger than us. He gave plenty of payback. Lol And just FYI- these shock collars had the same amount of shock that one of those prank gum shocker thing have so he wasn’t in dire pain or anything (luckily).

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