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      Are you kidding? You’ve mixed in the best with the worst of what was simply 90s fashion. Just because something is 90s doesn’t make it bad. (“DAE the 90s?!”) 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 22, 23, 25 and 26 are all great, in my opinion, so that’s over half that are actually good. To include no. 10, David Seaman’s iconic ‘96 kit is pretty outrageous. It’s objectively an incredible kit. They may not be fashionable at the moment but that doesn’t detract from their essential beauty. Besides, we’ve had a minimalist trend for 15 years now, so ostentation is due a comeback in the next 5 years. “Terrible” is the wrong adjective.

    • A. Ride

      No, McCain isn’t. Nothing he said implies disrespect towards any Iranian other than Mr. Ahmadinejad, nor is there any racist sentiment detectable at all. He may hold negative views towards Iranians in general, I don’t know, but since none have been expressed in this statement, it is not credible for you to suggest he does without providing some evidence or reason for this opinion. Lose whatever agenda you have that impairs your ability to understand his simple statement. The statement draws a clear distinction between Iranians and monkeys, because being a monkey precludes Ahmadinejad from the honour of being the first Iranian in space, because monkeys aren’t Iranians and vice versa. Like Mr. Amash, you have done yourself a disservice by crying racism where there is clearly none and undermining yourself and your opinions on other matters by making so little sense on this one. Also, you have disrespected Mr. Darian by calling him an idiot for no good reason, making you no better than the supposed prejudiced “racist” you’re decrying in the first place. Try being more circumspect in expressing your base, guttural, prejudiced reactions. It will make you a better person and a more valuable asset to whatever causes you believe in if you learn to express yourself in a logical and well-reasoned way.

    • A. Ride

      First things first, the headline of the story needs to be why the hell they are acting out a domestic abuse scene in their comedy routine. With regards to the racism controversy, we’d need to know the content and context of the sketch and how the two were characterized: if they relied on barely concealed racist cliches without irony then they are wrong. Regardless of the history of “blackface” as a performance genre, the act of a white person blacking up is not in itself a racist act if they are portraying a particular individual who is a different colour to them. If they are blacking up to play a generic stereotype, such as the now infamous singing minstrel character, or incorporating inappropriate racist stereotypes into their depiction of a particular individual, then that is racist. In a town with a 97% white population, it would be worse if the black minority at the school, as in actual individuals, came under unwanted pressure to take on the roles purely because of their skin colour, for the purposes of political correctness, or that the writers of the sketch should have to rely on other performers for their sketch if they wanted to perform it themselves. Equally bizarre would be the “white washing” of the characters, so they could not be easily recognised. How could you portray Obama without acknowledging his blackness? I think it is healthy that every opportunity is taken to record the colour of culturally noteworthy people or characters in our stories and artistic exercises. Does anyone seriously find Laurence Olivier’s Othello offensive? No, because he was sincerely portraying a complex individual character without resorting to racial stereotypes. Or Robert Downey’s use of blackface to portray a complicated and knowing comedic scenario in Tropic Thunder? Not that that’s what this bunch of clowns are doing, I just wanted to respond to the crazy people suggesting on here that the act of darkening one’s skin for a role is inherently racist, regardless of context (which we have none of here!).

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