23 Reasons That Prove That Supernatural Is The Best Show Ever

In anticipation of season 10, here's a recap of why the last 9 seasons have already proven themselves to be the best 9 years of any TV show.

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6. Non-stupid vampires

Hey!...They're actually dangerous again, and they don't have any traits that don't make any sense at all...or that are simply lore-breaking with centuries of vampire glittering in direct Sunlight???

12. That epic song for the intro of each season's finale (it's Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas, just FYI)

Carry on my wayward son. There'll be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest. Don't you cry no more...

14. Watching the show get more and more epic in scale.

Remember the days when they were just fighting ghosts and vengeful spirits, and salt, iron, and holy water took care of everything?

15. Also, getting to see the Winchesters go from hunting simple Wendigos to owning Lucifer himself and taking Angels, Demons, and Leviathans.

Throwback to when salting and burning the bones of whatever evil monstrosity was the climax of every episode.

23. And wondering just what the HELL next season will bring!?

Admit it. You didn't see that ending coming this season...and you also probably thought that the show was starting to run out of steam as well.

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