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To Brock Turner's Future Employer

Parties with excessive drinking don't end in college, they're the standard in corporate life.

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A Letter to Brock Turner's Future Employer

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You might be a startup or local business with a lot going on. Everyone wears lots of hats, and you're in desperate need of help. And one day Brock Turner's resume will come through your email.

You don't have time to do a background check, and his LinkedIn profile seems ok. The name might feel familiar, but you didn't Google to be sure. He seems like a nice kid. Seems willing to work hard. You'll give him a chance.

And thanks to the trendiness of Silicon Valley, to the long hours and informal office, drinking just becomes part of the work life balance. Tabs at the local bar, wine in the office, and then the big parties at conferences out of town. People let loose and their biggest worry is making sure no one took a photo that's passed around the office on Monday.

Brock will likely have walked away from his assault convictions and time in jail trying to be a new man. We have to hope for that. But he'll be in those same parties, those same happy hours. Office drinking can rival college parties.

And the young women who are trying to lean in but still want to fall in love will see Brock. And he'll seem like a nice guy. And he seems to work hard.

He may never assault anyone ever again, but know that these work environments can some times be the same ones that lead to attorneys and judges telling rape victims that they were "asking for it." Why did you drink? Could you have left the event? Could you have said no?

And those instances with women at parties feeling they lack control of the situation can be compounded by a boss handing them the drink, a colleague who is flirting.

So future employer of Brock Turner - help make those environments safe. Be good stewards to your employees. And while you don't have to remove those celebrations entirely, just be aware.

Know while he might never do anything again, those happy hours and parties can present opportunities for others, just as they do in college.

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