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10 Reasons GoT Fans Should Read "The Expanse"

Obsessed with all things Westeros? Your nightstand is just begging for "The Expanse" and its sexy, space drama. Oh, and Donkey Balls.

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You're a boss who's committed serious Kindle time reading through A Song of Ice and Fire. Fans of the TV show know never to ask your opinion because you'll school them that Missandai is actually only 10 years old, never mind her and Gray Worm can't have a forbidden love. And you're probably a pain in the ass at Comic-Con pointing out the inconsistencies -- despite still being moderately obsessed with Jon Snow.

I invite you to add a new series to your repertoire. The Expanse is brought to you by James S. A. Corey, co-authors giving hardcore sci-fi fans something to talk about. You need to get obsessed, and here are the reasons why:

1. The writers come from camp George R. R. Martin.

This is one of those times you can appreciate a little creative incest. Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck have collaborated or worked with Martin in several ways; however, their styles are departures in the best way. What to avoid random details? Done. Need to feel like you know where these books are going? Done.

The creative process of having a partner helps keep narrative tight, compelling, and grounded -- even when they're trying their hand at the fantastic.

2. You get an aerospace boner.

Gravity doesn't just magically happen. You have to simulate it, and The Expanse gives you a little education between the pages. You also learn the mechanics of guns, air recycling, and thrusters, just to name a few. Engineering is artfully woven into the story, giving you realities to hold on to.

3. The nastiness makes it real.

If you saw The Martian and thought -- "That spaceship is too fucking clean," then this is for you. You're brought into the dirty, nasty industrial age of space travel. Life and death are determined by clean air filters and tight seals. All parts are reuseable. And you can just imagine the snot all over your face during a high-g burn. Just disgusting.

4. You can see yourself in the characters.

Even the douchebags. You aren't bombarded with unnecessary character development, but instead you get to know them over time. It's a slow burn (pun intended). Their relationships and work dynamics change the way you think about honesty, collaboration, and trust. You also rethink the definition of hero.

5. The Easter Eggs. The Easter Eggs!

Reread the series and you will be rewarded. Recurring details, homages, and nods between books give you something new each time. In fact, if you practically cheer when something you suspected as important turns up later. And the literary references become insider fist bumps when you get the references to the likes of Shakespeare and Cervantes.

6. The series gets better.

I'm not messing around. I feel like the fifth book is the best in the series (so far). The planning and orchestration to achieve these story lines are epic. I can only imagine the spreadsheets. But because of the science, character development, details, and reality, the story gets put front and center. Abraham and Franck are puppet masters, pulling all the strings in all the right ways.

7. It's got a show.

Say what you want about Syfy, but this show is already being considered pretty epic. Even from legit people at Discovery News. This ain't your mama's Star Trek.

Watch Syfy's The Expanse Trailer.


— The Expanse (@ExpanseSyfy) December 31, 2015

8. You can power through the series faster than A Song of Ice and Fire.

Sometimes, length is important. While the books are substantial, they're not overly long. They also have a great pace that means you're more likely going to have a hard time putting them down at night.

9. Space is huge.

Did you use to want to be an astronaut as a kid? This puts that on its head. Some characters are Earthers, Dusters, or Belters. It means you don't have to dream of space, you might just be from it. But that means people are from very, very far away places. Trips are in months or years, not just hours. Can you imagine Amazon Prime trying to get things to you in 2 days? Not going to happen. Can you imagine trying to entertain yourself for that long? Nope.

10. You're going to want to keep going back.

This is for you Harry Potter fans -- each time there's a new book, you're going to want to go back to the beginning. And it's worth it. But Corey also gives you short stories and novellas, because why not? Each time you pick up the books, it'll be satisfying and exciting. But you'll also be fresh for the new twists, meaning all those random details you keep in your head are worth it. Because this series is so worth it.

Why do you love The Expanse? What other reasons would you add to this list?

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