The 17 Coolest Bean Bag Chairs Of All Time

Who wants a normal chair when you can sit on BEANS?!

1. Fluffball

It’s a giant purple fluffy thing. Just love it.

3. Snorlax

If you don’t know what game this character is from, you haven’t lived.

4. Chain Chomp

Same goes for this one.

5. Pizza slice

Mmm, pizza.

6. Pokeball

Gotta catch ‘em all (well, all the bean bags).

8. Jacket potato

Hungry yet?

11. Cartoon horse

12. Burger

Definitely hungry now.

13. Shark

This one could eat YOU.

14. Pancakes

Dessert, anyone?

15. SpongeBob SquarePants

16. Waffle

I’m a bit full, actually.

17. Lips

Have a snog on this giant smooch.

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