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I Lost My iPod And Now There's A Monk Living In My Phone

I lost my iPod, a monk found it, and now his photos are getting uploaded to my iCloud account.

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While backpacking in Laos about four months ago, I lost my iPod amid the chaos of constantly being on the move.

I'm an aspiring photographer, and I was on an eight-month backpacking adventure in Southeast Asia. I used my iPod when I traveled instead of my more expensive iPhone, precisely in case something like this happened.


The thing is, internet coverage in Laos is incredibly spotty, so it took me a long time to realize my iPod had found a new, happy owner who, I'd come to realize, enjoyed photography almost as much as I do.

Week by week, more and more photos of a monk and his friends started showing up on my iPhone.

the monk in my phone / Via

At this point, I had left Laos and had a better internet connection, so whenever the monk connected to the internet on the iPod, his new photos would show up on my iPhone.


At the end of the day, I am extremely surprised to see how, even though we come from such different backgrounds, we are incredibly similar when it comes to wanting to document our travels and our lives.
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