There’s A Restaurant In Korea Dedicated To Glorifying The Human Penis

All Aboard the Cock-a-Doodle Express to Deulmusae. NSFW. NSFW.

1. Yes, this is a real place. The restaurant is called Deulmusae, and this is what it looks like:

2. The Highway to Helmet Heaven

3. An Ode to the Chode

This Mighty Member stands stiff at the entrance.

4. Watch Your Step for Hidden Gems

5. World of Weiners

At the entrance of the restaurant is a map made entirely of man meat.

6. For Drinks, How About Dong-Dong-Ju?

No really, Dong Dong Ju is a real thing. It’s a rice wine and really delicious. Absolutely hilarious and served in these awesome bowls.

7. Puss Platters

I mean, just look at that plate. There’s a vagina on it.

10. Good ol’ Johnson Jars

11. Entrance to the Bathroom

13. Comes with a Dildo Vending Machine

8 Varieties to choose from. Prices range from $10-$30.

14. Love Shaft Lighting

15. A Nice Love Muscle Night Light

Perfect for reading books late at night.

17. It Has it’s Own Studio

The Domepiece Dungeon

20. Some Awesome Souvenirs

21. One More Time

Impressive, right?

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