17 Hand Drawn Birthday Cards From Students In Korea

Teaching English in Korea has a lot of perks. But the best one might just be getting awesome drawings like these on your birthday.

1. Pizza, Cats, Squirrel Monsters and Fried Chicken.

2. King Cat, Spaghetti, Pizza and Love.

3. All aboard the S&M Airplane.

4. Cute Critters and a 3D bowl of Spaghetti.

5. How can you be grumpy getting this?

6. Spaghetti Monsters, Pizza Monsters, & Happy Monsters.

7. When The Teacher Says to “Right” You “Right”

8. Awesome Use of Negative Space.

9. Some are Absolutely Adorable

10. Almost Forgot to Add the Yummy Spaghetti.

11. Thanks For the Nutty < card >

Some Even Made Inventions.

12. Who Doesn’t Want Pizza Land for their Birthday.

13. Some Genius Inventions! Multiplicity Part #1.

14. Multiplicity Part 2 - Examples

15. The Bananakick Shooter.

16. Personal Humanoid Robot Pizza Maker!

17. And This Crazy Contraption.

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