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    Sep 18, 2014

    Twenty Reasons Why Ed FitzGerald Hasn't Released His Jobs Plan

    Ed FitzGerald keeps reiterating that this election should be about the issues, but we are 47 days away from Election Day and Ed STILL has not released his plan for Ohio's economy. Why might this be the case?

    20. His former staff sent it to him but it had a lower case g

    The Cleveland Plain Dealer / Via

    19. He was going to use Stickland's then realized he didn't have one either

    @chrisgeidner / Via Twitter: @HenryJGomez

    18. He only cares about HIS job

    Ohio Republican Party

    17. He's still waiting in line at the BMV

    Ohio Republican Party

    16. He's too busy looking at Facebook

    Third Base Politics / Via

    15. "I knew Eric Kearney was supposed to do something before he left!"

    AP Al Behrman / Via

    14. He's still looking for his State of the County notes

    13. It's on the $400 million slow-speed train

    Ohio Republican Party

    12. He's still applying for his Indiana, I mean Ohio State diploma

    Ohio Republican Party

    11. "What? And focus on the issues?"

    Ohio Capital Blog / Via

    10. Nina Turner hid it at MSNBC


    9. He's still trying to pass his driver test

    Ohio Republican Party

    8. Chris Redfern is vetting it

    Ohio Capital Blog / Via

    7. He'll get to it once he feeds David Pepper's meters

    Ohio Republican Party / Via

    6. He's too busy hiding his tax proposal

    Ohio Republican Party

    5. He already released it in the form of a bumper sticker that says "Kasich Works"

    4. They shifted it down the ticket

    Ohio Republican Party

    3. It's lost in Westlake

    The Cleveland Plain Dealer / Via

    2. It's a public record

    Ohio Republican Party

    1. He doesn't have one...

    Ohio Republican Party
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