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These Two Bloggers Flew To Greece For Shoes And Now I Have Serious Sandal Envy

Two of my favorite fashion bloggers, Kristin of Living in Color Print and Christina of Oh So Glam, just came back from Greece and now I have serious sandal envy. So, whether you're jet-setting to the Mediterranean or just a sucker for sandals like me, this post will help fill the void.

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Touchdown in Santorini

Living in Color Print / Via

Kristen jumps for joy...because GREECE! Besides the jaw-dropping view here, I'm really impressed by her bun. There's no way my curly cues would have survived that heat. Even though this wasn't Kristin's first jaunt through the Med (she honeymooned in Greece), her excitement is all of us.

Let the 'Fashion Games' begin

Oh So Glam / Via

For Christina, though, this was her first rodeo and went straight to the shops. From the sounds of it on her blog, she found each Greek island unique. Santorini is high end but still accessible, and shops offer a variety of handmade products as well as pieces by local designers. So, Santorini sounds perfect for discovering emerging collections. Plus, that turquoise ring is EVERYTHING!

...but not before a good twirl

Living in Color Print / Via

Leave it to Kristin to make us feel like we've fallen down the Rabbit Hole and into some sort of fairy tale. She's definitely Alice and I'm probably the Mad Hatter because I'm more than mildly obsessed with her style. Wanderlust doesn't even begin to describe this scene. Santorini, we've never met but I think I love you.

Blue sandals

Grabr / Via

Greece is all about the color and these blue sandals say it all. Not only is blue the color of the Greek flag but there's literally blue everywhere...the sea, sky and even random brick walls. Case in point.

Strappy sandals

Grabr / Via

As for Kristin's favorite sandals? You're looking at them! These lace-ups are not only kind of sexy, but they're completely customizable. She said that the local shop owner offered four different colors of base sandals along with endless ribbon, metallic thread, lace, pom poms, tassels, charms and more. It doesn't get much better than that. #truth

Rainbow sandals

Grabr / Via

I'm not sure what's going on here but I am definitely a fan. I suppose with so many colorful backdrops around, local artists have constant inspiration coming their way. This might not be an "everyday" sandal but they are conversation starters for sure. Perfect for rooftop summer parties or traveling on the road (flats are your friend).

Matching sandals

Grabr / Via

Now, this is a sandal style I can get behind. As a frequent traveler, and one who almost always opts for a carry-on suitcase, neutrals quickly become your best friend. I like to spice up outfits with accessories but for dresses, skirts and pants, I stick to the basics. This outfit seems like a smart choice for Greece, especially if you're going from day to night, as most travelers do.

Sandals that speak to your soul

Living in Color Print / Via

Greece is known for making some super unique handmade goods, like sandals, scarves and jewelry. While you might be able to get these babies in the US, the shipping alone will make you cringe. Kristin and Christina let their readers customize their orders with Grabr before picking them up and hand-delivering them post trip.


Grabr / Via

Again, Kristin and Christina went above and beyond the call of sandal duty and because of their drool-worthy Instagrams, I ordered a pair myself. So glad I could help fund their trip a little bit. I loved vicariously through them for two weeks straight; I guess it's the least I could do.

But that's not all...

Living in Color Print / Via

As you might have guessed, there's a lot more to Greece fashion than sandals and these ladies discovered it all. During their whirlwind adventure, they went from market to market, boutique to boutique and island to island in search of Greece's most stylish items. If this hand-beaded clutch is any indication, I'd say they succeeded.

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