29 Reasons Reading Will Actually Ruin Your Life

One more page before bed. Okay one more. Alright I’ll finish the chapter. Let’s just finish the book and not go to sleep tonight.

1. You learn so many new, unique words while reading that when you use them in real life people get weirded out by you.


2. People who don’t really read never understand your references.

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Although if they don’t recognize a Harry Potter reference, forget that friendship immediately.

3. When a character you love dies, you die.

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4. If there’s no sequel to an amazing book, it almost feels like there’s no tomorrow for you.

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5. When a good book turns into a movie and an important character looks nothing like they were described, you feel cheated.

6. If you ever decide to sneak a peek at the last sentence of the book and it ends up SPOILING EVERYTHING.

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7. Authors never show any remorse for killing off your favorite characters but don’t they know they’ve sucked all the happiness you ever had out of your soul?!

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8. You send an author a long, meaningful email about how their book changed your life and they respond (if at all) with a one-sentence way to say “thanks for being a fan!”

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9. Cliffhangers are not really cliffhangers, but more like “I want to jump off that cliff”-hangers.

10. When someone asks you, “What’s so fun about reading anyway?”, you start serenading them with all the ups and downs and magical, mystical feelings that reading gives you.

11. When you get a non-book-lover to FINALLY start reading and their reactions make you want to cry and jump with joy at the same time.

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Except books were invented first, so TV is actually books that move.

12. Whether you’re at the library, book store, or looking at your own bookshelf, there is always a love/hate feeling.

13. When you read a monumental moment in a book (death scene, OTP breaks up, etc) and you’re freaking out but NO ONE UNDERSTANDS.

14. If you’re generally someone who doesn’t like putting their emotions on their sleeves, reading for fun can be kind of difficult at times.

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15. You have at least one (but probably more) character that you act like they actually exist. And you are unashamed.

16. You look constipated when you read.

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17. When people walk into your room they start to get a pretty idea of what your social calender must look like.

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18. …So you tell ‘em like it is.


19. You know books are magical and it’s like…it’s like…it’s like no one around you understands!

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20. You actually feel like Tony Stark at school quite often. But you don’t seem to look that good when you say it.

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21. You can’t converse with people without seeming elitist.

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22. You feel bad for a friend who’s reading a book that includes a traumatic character death after you.

23. When you’re almost done with the book and you realize there aren’t enough pages left for the things that need to happen.

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24. When you finish a book and look around and realize that everyone is carrying on with their lives as if you didn’t just experience emotional trauma at the hands of 300-or-some pages.

25. There are so many emotions and characters and feelings of love and hate and betrayal and it hurts. IT HURTS.

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26. And when people flat-out say they hate reading?

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27. And when they have the nerve to say say that movies are BETTER?

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28. In the end, it doesn’t matter what people say. You stick to your guns whether you get flack for it or not.

29. Books are awesome, and nothing will ever change that for you. Even when you’ve read them more times than you can count.

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